Linked accounts

I have two different accounts in the game, one with Facebook and the other with Google. What happens if I link my account to Facebook from the one I have with Google? Will one disappear?

Also I have another question; Anyone know how to delete an account?


Not sure about your first question. Niantic has an option under support to delete an account.

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Someone is trying to delete my account it is very bad :sob:.

how are they trying to delete your account? and why?

Seriously? :scream:

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By emailing Niantic with my username and password (log in) but they are doing this:

My trainer name is BossLapras33

They know it is BossLapras , then a number, so they are doing BossLapras1 , and then 2, and then three, and I have no idea how to stop them. I didn’t even give anyone my credentials but somehow I keep on receiving emails.

@Mew1 yes, read my previous post.

So Nia emailed you to confirm deletion of your account?

Yes. How do you know it is her?

You said you keep receiving emails so I thought it is from NIA

HAHAHAHAHA thought you were saying a woman named ‚ÄúNia‚ÄĚ was emailing me :rofl::joy:.

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It’s your Mom, and she wants her identity back.


What does she want? My name? :sweat_smile:


Your name and you :rofl:

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Question 1 is

Account 1 is linked to google
Account 2 is linked to facebook.
What will happen if you link Account 1 to the same facebook account as Account 2?

Yikes :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Oh you formulated that so much better than me!:joy: Thanks. Anyways, I just tried it, nothing happened haha…

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You can¬īt.
There¬īs a warning that the facebook is already in use by other player.