Leveling Up in Pokemon Go

What is the best way to level up in Pokemon Go?
Here are a few tips if you are looking to level up faster than just normal play.

  1. Use Lucky Eggs during double XP events
    Double XP events are great for leveling up. It’s even better if you use a Lucky egg during the event! That means that you will receive double XP for catching Pokemon, receiving a new pokedex entry, hatching eggs, and spinning pokestops! Use these events to your advantage and save your lucky eggs for these special occasions!
    I know it may sound like a pain to catch everything, but it really pays off in the end. Not only do you build up stardust and candy, but you also gain quite a bit of XP,(especially on your first day catch)depending on how you throw the ball and if you land a nice, a great, or an excellent.
    This is especially helpful if you have a lucky egg on or there is a double XP event.
    You may grow tired of catching every “everyday” pokemon. That is why I invested in a Pokemon Go Plus. It is helpful by catching every pokemon, though it has its downfalls.
    It only throws pokeballs and does a regular toss; nothing special about it. It also doesn’t guarantee that you will catch every pokemon since some pokemon tend to flee.
    However, if you bike or roller blade, it can be quite helpfulby catching the pokemon for you. And, if you cannot press the button consistently, you can always try the Go-tcha, another brand’s version of the “Pokemon Go Plus”, though it is on the pricey side. You’d have to get used to the new buttons and settings on it as well.
  3. Play A LOT!
    Considering how much you play determines how fast you will level up in this mobile Pokemon game on the go. Not everyone has time to play since time is most likely given to focusing on school, working at your job, and spending time with your family.
    I’m not saying to devote your entire life to play the game. Play it when you can and only go as fast as you wish to advance into the game.
    That’s it! This has been my points to the best way to level up in Pokemon Go! Keep on playing and enjoy your Pokemon adventure!

Nice tips!

I would also add that mass evolve sessions will greatly help you in gaining experience. Save those Pidgeys and Pidgey candy for when the double XP events happen.


I’m doing a lucky egg mass evolve as I am writing this! Level 34 HERE I COME!


I would add use your gut, when you hear an event is coming start keeping everything to do egg evolves for hopefully 2k xp as you hope the event has a double xp going on. I’m storing up for pokefest so lets hope.

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After Level 30, mass evolves don’t do much. The amount of points needed to go to the next level is extreme. I average about 100000 points a week, so to go from Level 36 to Level 37 I figure it will take about 20 weeks.

Don’t forget to report it over here :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Lvl 34 raids are also a good way to claim 3000 xp in one hit

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