Level up quests[Part 2]

@Necrozmadabest ad as idea to make level up quests, i made a list of level up quests that could be used by niantic and i also made stuff about prestiging and rewards.
Lvl up quests
2: catch a bulbasaur, squirtle or charmander.
3: catch 3 pidgeys.
4: spin 5 pokestops.
5: Choose a team.
6: Battle in a gym
7: Place a pokemon in a gym
8: Use 10 potions
9: Evolve a pidgey
10: Evolve a rattata
11: Have 3 friends(If you are under 13 friends quests will be replaced by win gym battles quests)
12: Trade with a friend(will be replaced by transfer 5 pokemons)
13: Spin 25 pokestops
14: Catch 20 pokemons
15: Use a lucky egg, insence or star piece.
16: Catch 3 pokemons with a great ball
17: Have a 1000cp+ pokemon.
18: Evolve a pidgeotto and a loudred
19: Win a raid.
20: Catch a dratini, mareep, larvitar, ralts, trapinch, bagon or beldum.
21: Win 10 gym battles.
22: Appraise a pokemon that is (Highest in possible from first message, dependa on team Example for team mystic: Your pokemon is a wonder, what a breathtaking pokemon.)
23: Catch a pikachu.
24: Evolve 10 pokemons.
25: Power up 10 diffrent pokemons
26: Catch 10 pokemons that cant evolve.
27: Catch a dragon type
28: Transfer 3 evolved pokemons
29: Spin 5 gyms
30: Evolve a dratini, mareep, latvitar, ralts, trapinch or beldum.
31: Catch 100 normal type pokemons
32: Spin 100 pokestops
33: Win 100 gym battles
34: Win 10 raids
35: Win a tier 3 raid without other players
36: Get 50 coins a day 7 days in a row
37: Catch 200 pokemons
38: Catch 5 fire types
39: Obtain 20 max revives from pokestops, gyms or raids.
40: Defeat a lvl 50 Mewtwo with 3 pokemons in 5 minutes.
41: Evolve 100 pokemons
42: Catch 1000 pokemons
43: Spin 500 pokestops
44: Transfer 250 pokemons
45: Evolve 3 dragonairs, flaafys, pupitars, kirlias, vibravas or metangs
46: Transfer 50 pokemons you evolved
47: Spend 500 candy on power uping
48: Spend 1000 candy on evolving
49: Feed 2000 berries to gyms
50: Win 1000 gym battles
When you reach level 50 you can prestige.
When you prestige all your pokemons will be transfered, your bag will be cleared, your stardust will be restted and you will get all coins you ever spend back.
When your prestige all level up quests are 10% harder(Example: catch 100 pokemons will become catch 110 pokemons)
There are 10 levels of prestige
For every level of prestige you are:
Pokemons you encounter are 1 level higher.
When you evolve your pokemons will become 1 level higher
Pokemons that hatch from an egg are 2 levels higher
Pokemons will have 10% more chance of apearing shiny
Pokemons will have 10% more chance of apearing lucky
You will have a badge before your name that says wich prestige level you are.
Level up rewards:
I will tell what i think what are good level up rewards.
I will use variables while explainin
Tl = Trainer level
Prl = Prestige + 1
Level up rewards:
Highest pokeball possible * (Tl * Prl)
Highest revive possible * (Tl * (0.5 * Prl))
Highest potion possible * (Tl * (0.5 * Prl))
Random berry * (Tl * Prl) / 4
At levels that can be devided by 10 will also give:
Insence * Tl / 10
Lure module * Tl / 10
Coins * (Tl * Prl)
Please tell me what you think of it and credits to @necrozmadabest for the idea


Looks ok.
Great ideas!

I’m not sure I understand. You have to complete these quests in order to level up?


Yes… for me it’s an idea for another game, these things can’t be implemented after 2 years playing different.

You can find players who will accept it, and others who decline. Or you “offer” the part of prestige to players who have reached level 40, but obligate everybody to play this way… nonsense.

For “me” it’s something which would give me a reason to delete the game in the same moment from my phone.

This could be a good additional levelling system, but devaluing all XP previously gained. I think a prestige system is cool, but I think people would be reluctant to destroy all their Pokemon at once. Possibly they could all be pushed 1 level back, stardust halfed. I think the bag being cleared and all coins spent returned is a good idea.

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On the formula, level 40 rewards for prestige 1 would look like this
Ultra Ball x80
Max Revive x40
Max Potion x40
Pinap Berry x20
Incense x4
Lure Module x4
Coin x80

Level 40 Prestige 10 rewards would be
Ultra Ball x440
Max Revive x220
Max Potion x220
Razz Berry x110
Incense x4
Lure Module x4
Coin x440

If anything I think Prestige 10 level 40 should get +560 coins to round to 1000. They have just finished the game, after all.

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Prestige 10 is as good as impossible sonit will have massive rewards

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Prestige means resetting
And al pokemons will be transfered not deleted

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I will never prestige. Ever.

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I would

Yeah, I gonna delete all my shinies… :man_facepalming:t2:

Thats what i should add more shiny chance

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