Let's talk about the Pokemon team selection lag during raids

This is meant to address the issue and essentially vent about how soul wrenchingly bad the lag is during the most time sensitive part of the game. Granted, we should always make teams BEFOREHAND, but I like to take on 3💀 raids solo and tbh sometimes it takes 2 tries. Its during those time sensitive moments that I experience such such SUCH lag. Like scroll freeze and accidentally selecting Magikarp to fight Gengar lol. I would like to hear others vent on this and maybe Niantic will love us and implement some smootheness where the game desperately needs it.

I’ve never really experienced this, I also do tier three raids and go through two teams. The only issue I ever have is that it recommends a team of aggron regardless of the raid. I can’t complain about this though because they’re not bad in the long run, just in time sensitive situations where damage is key. But the only situation I could see lag being a problem is if you try to max revive your team before going back in, since I’ve experienced lag healing outside of raids.

Yes same. I envy you lol. Scroll lag KILLS me haha

I hate how the game keeps picking Aggron every time. Aggron stinks attacking gyms. I try to leave him when reinforcing an existing gym.

I disagree that Aggron stinks.
Good ones are great for saving on potions and revives if you thin with those.
Dragon Tail/Stone Edge does good damage to most things and it can stay in a fight for a long time.
They have a place but yes it can be annoying that the game defaults to it nearly all the time.

In response to the OP: the lag to scroll across to select my battle team grinds my gears. On of my 2 Android devices is terrible.

I used an Aggron to defeat a Blissey and he managed to be the only one I had to use (The Blissey’s CP was 1711, and I knocked it out of the Gym). I didn’t revive or potion the Aggron, so it’s a really strong one.
Totally disagree with “Aggron stinks”.

I classify strong as “will get me a good damage bonus in raids” I have plenty of Pokémon better than aggron that can sweep a gym, but the real issue with aggron is raids. I don’t think there has been any legendary yet where a team of aggron would give you more than 1 ball for damage bonus. They just don’t do enough damage

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Ball bonus isnt the only problem, we have already lost a triple raid (3 legendary raids on one lucky egg) and a double raid (wanted to get Mewtwo as the second one), because people played with whatever was set, so a team of Aggrons

Seriously, Aggron’s dps is horrible, why cant sort it in a better way?

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We all know Aggron is a badass. I think the only time Aggron is annoying is when he is always defaulted against everything. I personally run witb it if my opponent might be watching and berry dropping on the gym Im defending. Aggron is a great Blissey counter though. He does seem like a Pokemon that smells bad though lol. Have yall noticed the ridiculous Mons that sometimes get default battle teamed? Like full poison movesets vs an All steel gym lol.

Just solod a Jynx raid and she actually used 6 Psyshock in a row with no damage rebuttal by the system. 6in a row… Wish I could do that. Wish the game would give me the cheese instead of give 0’s and 1’s all that deliciously infuriating cheese. Confound you, Mrs. Popo haha. Maybe I should just stop soloing 3*. It isnt worth the damage to just get some dust and a jynx. Atleast push out Hyper potions for rewards.

Yes everyone I know it gives Agron I only really battle unless for a quest the gym in my village which no one else part from me and my bro everyday after 8 hours 30 so out trash in but also people I know in town keep getting agron plus he does to

I use Aggron most often because it’s the default when I’m doing gym battles on my way to work at zero dark thirty and I’m too lazy to change it. I do change it right before a Legendary Raid though.