Lets make a whatsapp group for pokemon go

Topic guys, and i really mean it


What has this for use?

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There would probably be no point unfortunately. The hub forum is better as topics mean that it is easy to see what you want

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I dont see the reason to make a whatsapp group for this.very much people already have more then 3 groups (1 Color app,1 raid app and more.
I do not see the reason

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First, everyone’s sharing their friend codes, and now @raffaeldris wants us to share our phone numbers… :joy:
And it has literally the same use as posting some stuff here…

Another topic that’s going into the mute.


Okok guys sorry, injust wanted to make things people get closer tho theyre far away. Im sorry tho if you guys think this is stupid. I was trying to search forr friend to do some raid and do some trading pokemon. Sorry if my decision was kinda ego, but if you guys happen to know a place where i can chat about trading pokemon and doing raids please tell me… i live in indonesia and this game is kinda dead here. I just dint wanna stop playing pokemon go because here in my country is dead. Once again sorry guys, i hope tou have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t worry, everybody is free to post an idea.

But the others are free to answer what they think about it.

We are very jealous about our personal data, and really it’s better to think twice before give them to others.

And maybe you have not thought that trading works only if you are at less than 100m from the other player. So players from around the world can’t help you in this.

Maybe better for you would be to search in Telegram-groups, they are more used for this meta.


Liked that very much