Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee and Pokemon Go

In the recent trailer, there has been many speculations about many things. I’m focusing on the Mysterious gift you recieve in Pokemon Go. It says, "You’ll meet a special Pokemon"
What do you thing the special pokemon will be?
I think it will be Gorochu, or a new Eevee evolution


And now I see you again :joy::joy:

However, I don’t know any Gen 8 mon at time of writing, so I don’t really know, but to clarify it, I guess it’ll be a Gen 8 mon, otherwise Smeargle perhaps?


I think it may be a free Mewtwo for all who bought the game.

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Anyone who doesn’t have Mewtwo in their pokedex and bought the game could be a bit too OP. Either way, I would still probably consider that.

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I thought they announced that the special Pokémon would be a never before seen Pokémon, so it couldn’t be mewtwo

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They could either mean “never before seen” as in never seen in the pokemon universe, it could mean never before seen as in it’s a mythical, or it could just mean something “never before seen” in Pokémon: GO (Such as smeargle).

No one knows gen 8 mons.
But some people think the “gen 0” beta pokemon will return

If I were to guess I would say it’s Zerora just because it’s never been seen in game and it’s Gen 7 which is how Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu are classified

The never before seen could refer to Pokemon Go, and we could see Smeargle. It could refer to Gen 2, as Pokemon Yellow didn’t have Gen 2. It could mean a new mega evolution. But it could mean a brand new pokemon.

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Don’t know them either

But actually I think it’s just Smeargle or Spinda

Remember when this was found? Maybe we could be getting an ultra shiny Pikachu/Eevee as the special pokemon!

Ultra shiny was almost certainly in reference to the card game, it was in Japanese and the word they used for shiny wasn’t the one they use for shiny Pokémon.

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Smeargle and spinda are just not released in go
They are released in ALL other games

I know

It’s weird how there’s ALOLA pokemon in GO, but still no smeargle and spinda…


But the way the Pokémon official twitter account words it makes it seem like a new Pokémon in Poke universe, not a new Pokémon for Go

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Gorochu all the way. They need the pikachu line to be worth relevant attackers.

But why? That electric rat had enough chances to be good and it failed miserably in all of them

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@Necrozmadabest because it’s the flagship pokémon and people want starters ro ne great. It was a real buzzkill for me to find out that all of them were outclassed as soon as Go started. Even before that. I hope they make it a dual type lol. Electric and fire. That’d be awesome.

Pikachu and Raichu were a terrible choice for over 20 years, they even got an alolan form and 3 Z-Moves
Thats enough

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