Let's Go Exclusives only trade (anyone can post/request)

Hey! Feel free to use this thread to send a shoutout for help getting exclusives from the game you dont have. I have let’s go evee and will send to anyone i can. I personally need a grimer from pikachu but am stocking up on evee exclusives to send out.


Everybody here plays Go so they would probably just send something from it

You probably know already that, for trading, you still need to be 100 meters or less apart from each other. (109yards 1 foot at most)

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So unless one spoofs, it is highly unlikely one from the gohub can trade. There are exceptions.
For example I have met up with @MrHeineken88, and @Kevin260709 has with @Punica, @Pokemon with @Mew1, and @Thorend with @PhilosophyLady

But it is improbable that we meet up with others to trade the regionals.

And I do not support spoofing.


Edited to disinclude pokemon go bit, forgot you had to be close to trade from there (but between let’s go evee/pikachu can be long distance)


Not for Lets GO