Let us remove in mass event pokemon and legendry

hi all i have an idea for tweak since i am myself stuck with so many pikachu and so many useless low iv legendry, could be awsome if they cancel the protection on them or add a option to cancel event and legendry pokemon,that way those who want that protection enjoy it while those that want clean wont suffer becuase of it win win for both sides.tell me what you think on it in the vote below.

  • 1)like it
  • 2)dislike it
  • 3)dont dislike nor like

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i had over 100 pikachu from different events, which really needed filtering. Took me forever to even get started on it and another lifetime to get it done. Now i have 3 pikachu from each event (with hats/shiny) filtered by CP, which looks awesome in my box.
Also, i was saving just under a 100 legendary pokemon from last 5 months to ditch wtih double candy. Worth saving but another pain in the a$$ the transfer.

So yes, give a on/off button for tranfering those pokemon.

This protection isn’t real… the only feature which doesn’t work is the bulk-delete.
You can delete them one by one with the old system of the menu down right “Transfer”

ye we talking about the bulk delete, also even if you target one legendry to delete it keep asking you are you sure, and to do it hundreds of time even the most pitence man like it can drive nuts.

Hehe, a person which catches “hundreds of legendaries” don’t need this type of help, he needs something else


highfive for the humor .

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