Let the Regi-trio roam free

Feels like that would be the best way to deal with them, since it feels like a waste to put them in Legendary Raids.
They now did it with the Lake Guardians (Azelf, Mesprit, & Uxie), so we now know Niantic isn’t totally against releasing Legendary Pokémon out in the wild.

However should they too have their own region (Regice only on the north and south pole, for example)?

What do you all think?


To be honest i am not a Huge fan of regional legendary Pokémon that may or may not be good as attacker (azelf i am looking at you)
But with the regi trio i wouldnt mind.

But i am not sure about how i feel about them spawning in the wild. Do they still spawn in the wild?

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If they are with the same rate that where the Lake guardians, it would be hard. Only know 2 people that caught Mesprit in the wild… (one of them was me)
They could use the new lures, making them a small chance of a Regi showing up. And a future way to meet Regigigas where the player would need to present the 3 regis to try to catch the Gigas.

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I like it as a Regional even the lake trio I think it’s a smart move when they do release them globally everyone’s going to spend a lot of money on passes

I want legendaries in the wild! I can’t get them from raids. Also research is uncertain. I didn’t get Regirock. Another way would be to get a lucky raid pass so that I could raid solo whatever I want.


That’s a good idea

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I actually agree, that is a good Idea. If they make weak enough so you can solo them, then why not!


Let ALL Pokemons roam FREE…

or else…

They will break free :joy:


We need to learn from Jurassic Park can hold them forever

I think you should just get a monthly solo raid, legendary would get reduced to 3* and you would have three tries to beat it

I’d like Niantic to introduce Lucky Raid Passes. That would solve the problems of rural and solo players.

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Just like what Ive said - its not as simple as just throwing a ball and catching it, you would still have to battle
Maybe reduce major legendaries to 2500HP
EDIT: Whoops, forgot theyve got increased HP
So I would just lower the minor ones to 3k and major to 2.5k

There really should be another way of getting legendaries apart from raids (in their current state) and research. Legendaries roaming in the wild and having to earn/find Lucky Raid Pass to be able to catch Pokemon from raids that you otherwise can’t do solo would be great.

And my idea is not a raid in the current state

I’d like to have the possibility to choose what to raid. I want all new legendaries in raids, I don’t have Cresselia, Kyogre and Groudon. Some people have them and don’t want to raid them. I don’t want to depend on other players.

Yes, you would choose which boss do you want

I’d also like to be able to do as many raids as I can until I get the shiny legendary Pokemon. I don’t want to have only one shot.

Which is something your idea doesnt support either because LRP would have to be sufficiently rare - but this would often leave you without a legendary, since you would need about 19 LRP per legendary on average

You would get several Lucky Raid Passes a month so it woulndn’t be extremely rare. I also predicted events with Lucky Raid Passes in which you would get more of them. Shinies are rare so you wouldn’t get them every time, but since it is a Lucky Raid Pass, shinies would be a little easier to find.

I really hate the concept of regional pokemon in PoGo, the concept works ok in console games because chances are you know people locally who have one or more of the other games of the same generation. For PoGo though, you are forced to spend heaps of money to travel the world to get everything and there is no guarantee you will find what you’re looking for. Besides this, most players simply do not have a high enough income that would allow them to travel overseas each year, this is why spoofing* is a huge issue. If regionals must exist, then rather than separating them based on countries or climates, why not do a S2 cell based system? For this, you could use size 10 or bigger S2 cells and each one gets a random regional, in the worst case scenario, a player should not need to travel more than about 500km from home to source everything, this would lend itself to day trips or an overnighter or camping, but is a lot more affordable and is doable on a weekend. With this, costs can be minimised by car pooling with other local players.

*For me spoofing itself isn’t the issue locally, but rather the fact that many spoofers often hog gyms and won’t let you have them long, but that’s a different topic.