Legit revolt(against spoofing)

Hi guys this is my first post in this forum so my ideas might not tune with many but I think I got a pretty novel proposal.
The thing is that I have been recently hearing a lot that Niantic really doesn’t care much about legit players and think that banning spoofers might cost them money, so my idea is that if they care so much not to ban spoofers then why can’t almost the whole legit player base with an organised revolt stop playing the game for a whole week or uninstall the app until Niantic gives some official firm statement about handling spoofers.This will give them a taste of their own medicine BTW we all know that Niantic does almost know who spoofs and still fsutal never gets banned…

I don’t know if you noticed but Niantic just did an update that blacklisted apps for spoofing so I don’t know what you mean by Niantic not caring about the spoofing situation.

Here’s the article on Pokemon GO Hub itself https://pokemongohub.net/error-codes/blacklisted-app-warning-screen/

Interesting fact: there are ways to rename apps on Android, and since this blacklist is based solely on the apps names Niantic would never work out what’s a Spoofing app and what isn’t.
Also, if Niantic Ever Tried that System On Apple the app would get pulled from the App Store, it’s not permitted to access your app download history by developers.

@Watcher I admire your ideas but in reality it’s not possible. Getting the whole legit player base to stop playing? That means asking millions of people to stop playing. People get mad when the servers go down for just 30 minutes. I doubt they could last a week.

I do have to agree with what @ysmaelbp and @JoshHack are saying though; although it’s not a “statement” (which is what you want), they are indirectly making a stand against spoofing (with the introduction of blacklisted apps). Alas, it’s true what people say though: spoofers will find a way to overcome this roadblock in a matter of time.

Your comment about Fsutal is valid: I’m sure Niantic knows all about his spoofing activities. However, [opinionated remark incoming] Niantic could be using Fsutal as a marketing technique. Although most of Fsutal’s content is “clickbait” and fake news, it still hypes up the community, which means more people downloading and playing Pokemon Go which means more revenue generated for Niantic. This technique is called “guerrilla marketing”.

As defined by our good friend Senor Google “Guerrilla marketing is an advertisement strategy concept designed for businesses to promote their products or services in an unconventional way with little budget to spend”. Although this technically was not ‘designed’ by Niantic, Fsutal is generally doing the marketing for them.

Obviously (and this goes for any company, not just Niantic) any company would definitely take advantage of free marketing, especially when done via media. This concept is called “social media marketing” (the act of marketing ones product or business via social channels)

Overall, I agree that spoofers should be stopped, but that your method won’t work. Sorry :frowning:

(Apologies if this was hard to read/understand: I used a lot of business terminology but I tried to define it the best I can. I take business as one of my subjects, hence my business rant :joy:)


This is a unrealistic solution. People would have thought the bad guys are spoofers, hackers, botters and hackers. They’re the ones who should be taken down. I doubt legit players would stop playing Pokemon GO for a week to inform Niantic how annoying and hateful do spoofers are.

Also @Canadoman is right. In Niantic’s view, spoofers may help them in marketing. Even though we all know that Fsuatl is a youtuber who spoofs a lot and he has been a public enemy, Niantic - the company which is thinking of generating money at all time would leave him alone. According to the statistics which calculates the amount of legit players and spoofers, spoofers still stand a indisputably large proportion of playerbase. Hence, Niantic wouldn’t ban all spoofers unless an united, formidable force from legit players asking them to wipe out all spoofers.


Hey, bad publicity is still publicity!
Also @Yoshi, you see how people like Mystic despise Spoofers. If he has 1.6 million subs, the majority have to think in the same way. This anti-spoof mob already exists, and they hate all Spoofers. Back when I Spoofed (I tore my Achilles’ tendon) I was told to die by fellow players multiple times purely for Spoofing. That’s why this is a toxic and divided community. One side hates the other.

1.6 millions people/subs doesn’t represent the majority of Pokemon GO players. I’ve subscribed a guy who called ZackScott and he’s got 2.7 millions of subs without being advertised. Keep in mind Pokemon GO has ~65 millions players and 1.6 millions players doesn’t mean too much to Pokemon GO. Comparing to the proportion of spoofers, it’s still insignificant.


I’m not familiar with everyone, I just brought up the most popular one I know.

I may tell you TrainerTips has got 0.6 million subs and Reversal has got 0.3 million subs. Conversely, Fsuatl has got 0.7 subs. That’s all.

Well, we are again in the matter…
I’m now working more than 40 years in Informatics, from the first days on there were hackers, only few time later colleagues of me in the university wrote the first virus (only for investigation purposes, hihi) and look where we are today…

There is NO way to stop all spoofers, hackers, or whatever you call them. Allways there will come out another tool, another way to interfere in the “normal” way to play this game. Nobody can avoid this, not Niantic, nor anybody else.

If you can’t live with this, it’s better you stop to play. Shut down your computer and your handy and play board games (no, allways there is one at the table who cheats…).

Guys, enjoy what you have, there is NO solution, doesn’t matter how long you search for it.

First rule of all programmers: there’s no program without faults…


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