Legendary Raids

After the rayquaza announcement, people that wants a break on raids like me (since december when ho oh has departed) or a completely new system to catch legendaries (i hope that quests gives legendaries and mythics) learn this: 3 of the legendary of hoenn were burned out so it lasts 5 (éon duo and regis). So in august (probably) we Will have our chill. So don’t ask for gen 4. Gen 4 ONLY on 2019


Why hold off more Pokémon?
If Niantic would want to start releasing gen 4 in october, why stop them?
Also, new Pokémon and raids keep the players active (altho quests may substitute that for some time)

If you dont want legendaries, dont raid, its that simple

If people want a break, they can take one any time they like.
Don’t expect the Game makers and other players to wait around just because some want a rest.


I agree with the comments here already. Trainers can definitely take a break & play the game at their own pace but just prior to Jan 2017 people were screaming because of lack of content.
It’s a very fine line Niantic have to walk between keeping those who want bulk content released happy & those who want less because they are now releasing a lot.
Unfortunately they will never be able to win in this respect but be happy with what they are releasing currently because they could have held off & we could still be catching one of the legendary dogs!

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I hope for a new way to get legendaries- the raids have taken over the game, and anyone who can’t do them for any reason gets left behind.

These reasons can include

Deliberate exclusion from online groups
Inability to drive to the raid locations
Lack of gyms in the area
Lack of players in the area
Any combination of the above

A new way to get legendaries CAN NOT involve raids where more than one person is needed in any way, to keep it fair. They could involve a quest system, or maybe a new raid system where legendaries are soloable. Legendaries in the main Pokemon games could be beaten or caught on your own, so why isn’t it like that here?

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I have mixed feelings about this. My first thought is that legendaries are supposed to be legendary and that PoGo is a MMO, hence needing more players. Changing legendaries to quests is nice, but should only be available once.
If we start handing legendaries out like they are nothing it would ruin more then it would fix.

That said, i understand players might have troubles getting legendaries and something should be done for them.
Just on top of my head: how does increasing battle time with fewer players sounds? Less players more time (with a max) and more players = less time (with a minimum of course) to fight? i think this would solve a lot


That is literally the best idea i have heard for a long time…

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Is because what are you saying i want a break on legendary raids or masterball in raids (the best way to make a consensus between me and you, but they have to have a rarer drop in pokestops (like the evo items, 7 day streak item???) and raids, you reach to a raid throw a masterball, whenever the iv is and thats it, people who want 100 ivs would continue to make raids until reach them, spending their money on raid passes) or a completely new way to catch them (soloable or not, but unlimited time), a game is proposed to forget our diary prroblems and stresses, but not to stress about a limited time thing like the legendaries and make raids (attention, im a suburban city player).
About the second point, I only have 17 years, I can take the driving license here in Portugal when i get 18 years (not 16 like in the US) so Niantic should think that the most of their playerbase have my age and are childhood, so they would never be hardcore raider without a car.
Finally, after the Rayquaza announcement in normal raids, Im very critic about the EX raids (i have 2 mewtwos, attention), I think that mewtwo and ray are in the same boat, so if ray was launced in normal tier 5 raids, why mewtwo was not the same and EX raids to mythics???
I hpoe that this quests found in the code go live and we can catch legendaries and mythics and/or masterballs

Fun fact: the official average age op PoGo players is double of what you think :smile:

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Yes. Not too many young players in the groups I socialise with. Youngest we occasionally see is anywhere as young as 5 but Mum & dad take the game a lot more seriously :joy:

A lot of kids have a short attention span and don’t like grinding a game

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Have a short wha…

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