Legendaries Confirmed! LET'S CATCH THAT LUGIA! (Legit)

A Legendary first year of Pokémon GO!

As part of our ongoing celebration of Pokémon GO’s one-year anniversary, we’re excited to reveal that Legendary Pokémon are nearly here! Soon, millions of Trainers around the world will be able to discover, battle, and catch these extremely rare and very powerful Pokémon.
As Trainers around the world go out and explore their neighborhoods in search of Pokémon and Raid Battles, they can keep an eye out for unique Legendary Eggs appearing at Gyms. If Trainers and their team are able to successfully defeat a Legendary Raid Boss, they’ll have the opportunity to catch a Legendary Pokémon of their own! While Legendary Pokémon will help them take on the toughest Raid Bosses and Gym Battles, they’re not willing to leave their Trainer’s side, so they can’t be left to defend Gyms.
On July 22, thousands of Trainers in Grant Park for Pokémon GO Fest and the millions of others around the world will be working together to unlock in-game bonuses for the entire Pokémon GO community. If they manage to catch enough Pokémon during the Pokémon GO Fest Challenge Windows, the first Legendary Pokémon will be revealed in Grant Park. If the Trainers in Chicago succeed in defeating the Legendary Pokémon, that Pokémon will start appearing in Raid Battles around the world, after Pokémon GO Fest.
Trainers everywhere can tune in to watch the action taking place in Grant Park live and join in the conversation using #PokemonGOFest on social media. Follow the official livestream on Twitch or YouTube for the latest news coming out of Pokémon GO Fest including Challenge Window updates, exclusive interviews, and the reveal of the first Legendary Pokémon!
It’s time for Trainers everywhere to start powering up their Pokémon for battle because there are many legendary adventures to come!

—The Pokémon GO team


It’s actually happening people!!!

Note: In the trailer, the legendaries were around the same cp as a tyranitar, and after Lugia was defeated everyone just got him. Will it work like this?

Please provide source so we can truly believe. :slight_smile:

It’s from Niantic and Pokémon Go. Just check their twitter page for the link.

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Nice, text is good but video and source is pure platinum. :wink:

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Does that mean that if they only defeat one legendary there will only be that one type that will appear world wide ? They catch two then two etc?

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Dunno really till it starts. But the rules listed below says trainers world wide so gofesters will count I gather are the ones who unlock the mystery at gofest. If the mystery at grant park gofest is completed then we get extra special bonuses world wide which hopefully means level 5 raids for all.

"If Trainers around the world catch enough Pokémon, a mystery challenge will be unveiled in Grant Park that, once completed, will unlock an extra-special bonus across the globe. "

As it stands the event times are for go festers to catch certain types to start off certain bonuses and we out here catch those bonus types to extend the bonuses.

During the day, there will be three Challenge Windows in which Trainers everywhere will work alongside those in Chicago to unlock global rewards. During the Challenge Windows, Trainers in Grant Park will attempt to unlock perks for Pokémon GO players around the world by catching certain types of Pokémon. Each Pokémon- type will be tied to a different perk, so Trainers at the park will need to carefully choose which Pokémon they catch.

Trainers outside of Chicago will attempt to catch as many Pokémon as possible during the Challenge Windows to extend the duration of the bonuses unlocked by those attending the even

Challenge windows are 11am-11:30 am 1pm-1:30pm 3:pm-3:30pm
Mystery challenge for all to do is 6pm to 7pm
Global Reward is july 23-24th

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Bonus extension times
24 hour bronze
48 hour silver
Gold I didn’t catch

Let’s get the gold extensions go hunt

First challenge window has started folks get catching.

5 minutes left in the first challenge people.

current rates

Times up next window at 1:00 cdt

2 minutes till the next challenge

Current stats. Looks like each is tallied separately then totaled at the end.

Higher still.