Legendaries as Attack team: which should be prioritised on mega powering up?

Hey everyone,
The last couple of days i have managed to have a few Articunos & Lugias which is lit. So exciting.
But there is a question coming handy which one should I mega power up an almost to max out first. With Moltres, Zapdos & Ho-oh on the horizon its better be selective on that limited stardust lol.
For me the deal is either between Ho-oh or Lugia. Both have mega attack stat and high CP which will look good in our top 12 lol. Ho-oh CP is crazy high and stats are also very strong. However the moves are rubbish! Fire Blast/SolarBeam/Brave Bird. So the best Ho-oh could do is strong flying type? Perhaps theres something else missing i dont know. What are everyone thoughts on this please share with me? Thanks alot

I think any of the legendaries will be awesome atkers, with the three birds being the situational atkers for their respective primary type. I think Ho-oh and maybe lugia fits into the catergory where dragonite and tyranitar reside where they are strong generalists as well as great atkers

Yeah they are totally! But i only have around 170000 dust. I could only max a lugia to level 36.5. Theres no way i could max another. So should i wait and use that dust on Ho-oh first?

As far as I know both Articuno and Lugia are not (much) better damagedealers than the best DPS Pokémon in their class. I am talking about purely damagedealing. Maybe they can take more damage and in the end they are a better counter. But I am not convinced yet.

Both Alakazam and Espeon are better (Glasscanons) against for example a Gengar or Machamp raidboss.

And a good Cloyster/Lapras is as good as Articuno.

So I am not going to spend any stardust on them (yet). Or not too much.

Although I have a 100% IV Articuno and it’s really tempting to max it out. :slight_smile:

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Haha lucky you! Yes i think your articuno derserve to be maxed out whenever you could.
I think that Articuno, Moltress & Zapdos are type specific attackers. So having around 2000-2500 is good for now. But Lugia & Ho-oh are nuce toping the cp chart haha. Its more of a pleasure tbh.
For me Ho-oh looks good & have high cp and good stats but not entirely sure which occasion to do bedt damage for.
Lugia is my absolute favourite from all the birds here, but with Mew, Mewtwo, Alakazam & Espeon it seems maxing my lugia is kinda pointless in a long run. There are way many glass cannon psychic type, not sure where Lugia would stand. I think it comes to personal favourite at this point. Which is more interesting for different trainers.

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I powered up my Lugia, just for a slightly more tanky psychic type. He maxed out (for level 33) at around 3200 CP. In my opinion, he is quite useful with either hydro pump or future sight.

Then imagine mewtwo comes out and we have no dust left to power up. That would be funny lol

True, but I don’t think mewtwo will come out until at least September

Well thats good! Until then im sure i can whip another 200000 dust

200,000 dust! I have 5000 dust now☹️

HAha cuz u just spent on ur lugia havent ya. I have around 170000 atm and maybe i will invest in my lugia too! Oh well we have more a than a month till September im sure wecould get 200000 ?

:woman_shrugging: who knows how long it will take me to get 195k stardust :joy:

U have to farm it lol. But its good fun

It takes 245K stardust to power from level 20 to max and it takes 165K to power to level 30. You really need to pick and choose what you power. I have 95.6 Lugia and Articuno but I won’t power either of them for a while. If Lugia proves useful when Mewtwo is released maybe ill power it but until then I’ll be saving my dust.

Ho-oh is strong enough it probably warrants powering up regardless. I would be surprised if it didn’t get different moves at some point.

Sorry may i ask why is Ho-oh strong? I didnt play main series game so im mot really sure. I know that its huge CP but im so confused becuz of its same duel typing to Moltress and Moltress has better moves. Are there more special moves it can learn ?
On the other note, I guarantee that Mewtwo will have better attack stats compare to Lugia, but i kinda like Lugia better cuz of its battling animination !

I hate to say it, cause it’s blue. But Artie trolls. Hard. Without question the most useful typing in the meta and the damage level is so good.

Wrecks lugia fights too.

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I havent leveled any of my pokemon past lvl 30/30.5 after reading this page. https://pokeassistant.com/stardust?locale=en I understand why some people could do it, but if you want to start saving some stardust, you shouldnt level a mon past 30



Compare the attack stats to Alakazam and defense and stam to something like Blissey. Ho-oh is a beast. Your correct that his moves aren’t great but overall he is very strong. I would not hesitate for a second to dump dust into powering one with good IVs.

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Thanks guys! Very apprieciated !

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This article is very useful. I think i might just get my mins to level 30. Only soend more dust for someone like Ho-oh or Mewtwo i guess!