Lavender Town - Your teams for taking down machamps

What are your teams to solo raids like machamps? My team is:

and when I finish it looks like this;(down to my third Lugia)

I dont have enough good pokemons for that


This is my go-to team:

Gengar: SC/SB
Alakazam: PS/FS
Dragonite: DT/ Hurricane
Lugia: ES/FS
Excecutor: Confusion/ SB
Slow King: Confusion/ Psychic


Have you one with this team, interesting pokemon and the only one I do not have is Lugia.

I haven’t made a team yet

Lugia, 100 alakazam, espeon, espeon and I usually don’t need more than that

Yes, I soloed two madchamp raids today with this squad. Lugia was still alive and had 30 seconds left on the clock for both. Been using this line up for well over 5 months.


This is my team, successfully tested against all movesets and weather boosts. But to be successful, you have to dodge raid boss charge moves. If you don’t, your mons will faint c. 40-50s before limit and after rejoin it’s very hard to win.

How do they go against a weather boosted one?

Without problems. :slight_smile: But dodging is the most important thing. And you have to fire 2 Future Sight/Psychic per Alakazam. Then the rest is quite easy. For me the best damage dealer is Gardevoir. After a lot of unsuccessful tries I found out that this battle order is very successful.

Dragonite Lvl 40 - Dragon Breath Hurricane - 15 attack
Dragonite Lvl 40 - Dragon Tail Hurricane - 15 attack
Dragonite Lvl 40 - Dragon Tail Hurricane - 13 attack
Mewtwo Lvl 35 - Psycho Cut Hyper Beam (Ran out of Charge TMs) - 15 attack

Then any of these:
Dragonite Lvl 40 - Dragon Breath Outrage - 15 attack
Dragonite Lvl 40 - Dragon Tail Draco Meteor - 15 Attack
Alakazam Lvl 25-30 - Confusion Future Sight - 13-14 attack
Gardevoir Lvl 31-33 - Confusion Shadow Ball - 13 attack
Espeon Lvl 23-28 - Confusion Future Sight - 15 attack

WHAT a team!! Are those all powered up to level 40? And, the IV must be close to perfect! Did you look at the breakpoints for each of them?

For a weather boosted Machamp I typically have 10 seconds left on the timer when I defeat it but it takes me 5 pokes whereas it only takes me 4 to beat an unboosted one. My Exeggutor is the one to finish off a boosted Machamp and my not Lugia when its weather boosted.

Thank you @jlodie and yes all of the Mon’s are level 40 accept my Lugia. Its at level 35 until I can get some more candies for him! And I don’t bother calculating break points. For me, if I power up something once then I have already made the decision to max it out.

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Mewtwo, Rayquaza,Espeon, Gardevoir, two Dragonitey

That’s my current team. Although I’m considering adding mew to the team. I’ve done every single moveset with success. It was a good investment.

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Dragonite and espeon I use for gyms against machamp

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