Lavender Town - Will Ho Oh return again

Remember when Lugia glitched and came back. will Ho Oh also? I missed Ho Oh and got no shiny. hint hint Niantic*

the lugia glitch lasted around 6 hours, Half the world was asleep then. Even if they do it again, chance you’ll be able to abuse it is slim.

Also, i think Groudon and Rauquaza are overdue for shiny. Shiny beasts only after they are done in breakthrough.

I hope you’ll get another chance at a shiny Ho-Oh, but chances are low for the coming months.


I dont even have any shiny legendary
And also no ho-oh

Lugia was back again for the Go Fest weekend, so why not Ho-Oh for Yokosuka Safari Zone? It’s not that farfetch’d (pun intended)…


Currently hyped for shiny Ray and Rai

Wouldnt mind if it just a glitch…

I did a ho-oh raid but left if because I thought we would lose… and I watched them win…:sob:

ho-oh was my 1st legendary…

(You can do this)

Still dont have it

With time, all of them will repeat. But there are sooo many waiting for their chance, maybe you have to wait a lot.

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