Lavender Town - Why the game seems every day a little bit more boring?

Really Niantic has offered a lot of changes in the last time (Appraisal, PvP, Shinies, …), but they don’t motivate me.
They offer new monsters in Comunity Day or as price in weeks investigation. But really they give me something important to reach a meta in the game? As a collector I have them allready, as a fighter maybe they will be better than the one’s I have.
But I think all of us have teams which serve for every raid coming up, nothing we can’t do with what we have in our registers.
Very nice to find a new shiny, but when I read with what a facility others catch all of them, it isn’t such a big price…
So, why going on in the game?
Because we have found friends? Yes, it’s very nice to talk with them (better in the street than only using the web).
Because there are still metas to reach? Yes, but with time going on, it’s every day more dificult to get the energy to do so.
In this moment 4 generations to come? Really the most activating reason to go on (at least for me).

I like this game, better said I like Pokémon, and the saying: I want to catch them all, is something very important for me. The same happens to me with post-stamps, with my comic-collection, and a lot of other things. I’ve allways said I’m a collector.

But this game has been converted in a mechanical start in the morning, at least fullfilling a visit ina a Pokestop, sending the most important gifts, a catch whatever appears in front of me, and every hour taking a look for control if something new has happened.

I’ve lost something on the way?


Maybe all you need to do is take a break from playing PoGo


Maybe it’s only this, but I’m affraid to loose the reason to come back…

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It’s the lull between generations. We can feel the end of Generation 4 coming up on us and it seems to drag until Gen 5 is released, especially with events seemingly sewn up for the foreseeable future. Best thing to do is stick it out and do more relaxed playing. I only play for about two hours a day and raid with only my free raid pass. Keeps me from burning out.


Have a break and come back when gen 5 is about to start


Well thought-out and expressed @bagguille. Doesn’t that dynamic afflict most of our relationships in life, though? Familiarity gives rise to routine, with repetition breeding a mind-numbing sameness that locks us into ruts that make us desperate for change.

It sounds like you’ve fallen out of love with the game and need something to bring back the edge you used to have. If there isn’t some kind of Pokémon Encounter similar to marriage encounter, maybe there is a need for one.


I started playing when it 1st came out I played for about a week and got bored it wasn’t too appealing I didn’t pick it backup till February 1st of last year and now I’m more into it than ever so the others may be right take a break when I was on hiatus I still went out with my brothers while they were playing you can still be sociable even though you’re not playing


If you feel like this, maybe you should really step back and play less for a while. I say ‘play less’ instead of ‘take a break’ because, if you plan to come back, it’s good to stay connected somehow, so that you still know what’s going on. And when the right moment to come back is here :wink:

I don’t really feel the same, though. At least not to the full extent. For me there are always Pokémon I still need (not many, but where the **** is Gible!?! Why are there no Hippopotas around? And will we ever get a chance to get the other lake trio members? Not to mention all the shinies I don’t have), and there are always new ones to hunt for…

But this whole Team Rocket stuff got me frustrated with the game (which is almost like boring to me). Ridiculously hard, with mostly ridiculous Pokémon encounters which even cost you stardust when you want the Pokémon to become somehow useable. But hey - my inner collector wants to have one of every available shadow and one of every available purified Pokémon, so I do those stupid battles, trying to get everything.
I have not found and defeated all that were available at the start, and I can’t understand why they already release another batch with even more and probably even harder to battle Pokémon. It’s not like I’m a casual player, you know…
Take your time with this! That’s like releasing Gen 5 next week and Gen 6 the week after…

I have never played the main series games. The only other game I know was Let’s Go Pikachu, and there Team Rocket was a stupid joke (except for maybe Giovanni himself). So do they really need to be so potion-consuming it hurts?


Seems Niantic has taken the decision in its hands… No conection with the server.

So I will take a break at least until its arranged