Lavender Town - New Topic type for country’s player chats

This is probably way too short for this topic but it does not suit everyone else. I personally think a new topic should Be added because it can get annoying when I get notifications because Andrew blue everywhere becuase the player chats in different languages are always at that top and they get annoying. The topic should be called country chats and it should be closed to people apart from a few who then invite people by asking them e.g. if I wanted to get in the ditch won PM @KingQ07 King of the Ralts or @Jormdeworm to get on. The team pages could be added either to this topic or to another or just be left becuase they are not such a big problem but having loads of new messages and they are all in foreign languages is really annoying. This is just a suggestion but I am sure that others probably agree to an extent that it is annoying when you get loads of New messages all in a foreign language when you do not even no what hello is in that language. Please consider this @Joshhack @bagguille @thorend @PhilosophyLady as it would be helpful for not just me but others. Then we could create an @moderator tag. Also under the country chat topic there could be like an English chat or chat for American players french players Canadian players Brazililian players you get it, I find this should really help the hub as it is therefore easier to read what I want to read and have notifications and blue dots with numbers in next to what I want to read rather than next to chat in Dutch a language where I don’t know one word not even hello, it can be tedious at times having to move through team Valor, mystic the foreign country chats until I get to what I wish to read rather than what pops up in front of me.
Sorry if this sounds like a rant or it is a silly idea but it would really help me and others I assume as well and makes the hub easier to read and I know this is certainly less then 30 words so sorry about that. Please take into account my ideas and provide me with some feedback @moderators only on what you think of my ideas and how they could be useful of implanted or anything or if you need more details. This I hope is constructive to you and me and others on the hub Andy does not just sound like a constructive rant with it probably does a bit so sorry for that.

@bagguille @bagguille Ismail interested in this as well from his may 17 most on the opening page on this topic so as I said there are people backing this which is why it is good Andy it is easy as it requires no moderation

Apart from the people who choose to have to get messaged to join the country chats but I do accept that this would be hard to implant

IM open for adaptations and ideas from others or even if it does not go ahead I would be interesting though as it would improve the hub and how easy it is too quickly read without scanning through endless rubbish chats

Lol, if you want to make this topic only for ‘other-country people’, why couldn’t you just make the other topics for ‘other-country’ people only? This topic seems to be useless either.

And you could just not look in it


Just want to let you know that moderators have no say in new sections that will be added, that power falls onto @apavlinovic alone

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I MEan a topic as in like,lavender town or the lounge not a page

Topic is this, im guessing you mean category?

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There is a function to dismiss topics, so you are not informed about new messages in it. Wouldn’t this work for it?
You look the list of “Latest”, read everything what you think is interesting for you, leaving the ones you don’t like. After you press “Dismiss” and mark that you won’t like to be informed in the future…


How many country chat threads do we currently have? I could add a category if there is enough traffic to warrant it.

3 i think

There were a Spanish country chat and a German country chat, but @bagguille has closed them both. The one that left is the Dutch country chat.

Because both were dead for more than a month… but there’s no problem to reopen them. and if they are all in a special category, I will let them sleeping there in peace… :grinning:

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I have reopened this topics and I have found the following:

  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Philippine
  • Hispano-hablantes
  • Middle East
  • Croatia
  • Netherlands
    If you think thats enough for a Category apart, @Thorend, please look if it can be created, and I move this topics in the new Category.

English one too open it I would say

Well, right now everyone is speaking English already.
If you mean the country England, that seems a bit exclusive to me. In the Dutch player chat, they’re speaking Dutch. But English…

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I’m pretty sure this has exactly 0% use.
Btw, I can also speak English, so, what’s your problem?

And, you may not know, but there are also people who live, for example, in Germany we don’t know about.

This just has no use.

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