Lavender Town - How many Safari Zone events have you visited?

I visited 2.I really liked these 2.1 was in October 14,At Amstelpark and Amsteelveen.There were chanseys,Starters,Charizard,Blastoise,Venasaur and more rare Kanto Pokemon.There were no server issues at all.I went with my dad.It was very fun.We walked in the park with Friends.The second one was in June 30 and July 1.A perfect weekend with my family at Dortmund Safari Zone.However,In the Park in Dortmund(Westfalenpark) there were server issues on June 30.The first day we didnt go to Westfalenpark,because of the server issues.The first day we just went in the city.Was very fun.The second day we attended Westfalenpark.There were no issues at all.I caught some shinies,100% Torchic,and it was an amazing park.There was a Trainer lounge for Instinct,Mystic and Valor,There were Pikachu Hats,food cars and more.We had an hotel too,it was cool.We watched Pokemon too.It was an amazing hotel.

What Safari zones have you attended?Share your stories here.



and which events @necrozmadabest?

Prague and Dortmund

Zoetermeer and amstelveen

And Leidschenveen. 40 minutes biking

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Canada gets no events.

Never been to one. What’s a Safari Zone, anyway?

Unown spawns are more frequent and there is a special Pokemon featured. We got Kangaskhan

I went to 2 Safari Zones, the same as you did. Amstelveen and Dortmund.


Feels like canada will never get an event, as if we don’t have PokemonGo. Well the winter is starting soon, so it will be as if we don’t have Go cause Pokemon don’t come outside in extreme weathers and thats a daily in Canadian winters. :man_shrugging:t5:

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also everyone went to dortmund… lol must have been epic


Since im in the u.s., no safari zones for me…made gofest this past summer…no shinies unfortunately…checked better that 1800 possible mons. Really sucks.

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I have only been to Dortmund Safari Zone with my husband and I was happy with how it was. Got my Corsola, got my shinies, got my Unowns. Server issues, yes, but in the city it worked well.
If you count the 2017 Kangaskhan spawns in some European cities, then I’ve been there, too. A day trip to Munich got me the Pokédex entry.
I fear next year there will be no Safari Zone for me, unless they hold it in the south of Germany where a day trip ist possible.

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