Lavender Town - Event field research

Is there a list of field research tasks for the evo event??? Couldn’t find one on the main hub site…thx

Check out the Silph Road site. They have info on that.

If the list I’m seeing is complete, there are fewer different tasks this time than usual. Only the stardust task seems both highly desirable and reasonable. The rarecandy and unova stone tasks are desirable, too, but seem like too much work for too little reward (one time defeating the TR leaders was enough for me). The special lures have some value, once or twice for the same reason as having ordinary evo items - most players get more than they need from ordinary game play by Level 20 or 25.

Here are the tasks, as listed on Polygon (and other sites):

Dragon Scale - Catch 10 Horsea
King’s Rock - Catch 10 Poliwag or Slowpoke
Sunstone - Catch 10 Sunkern
Metal Coat - Catch 5 Onix
Upgrade - Catch 5 Porygon

Burmy encounter - Evolve 10 Pokémon
Scyther encounter - Evolve an Onix
Clamperl encounter - Use an item to evolve a Pokémon

1,000 Stardust - Evolve 5 Pokémon
3 Rare Candy - Evolve a Feebas
Sinnoh Stone - Hatch 7 eggs
Unova Stone - Win 3 times against Team Go Rocket leaders
Magnetic, Mossy, or Glacial Lure - Win 5 raids

I don’t need evolution items (except Sinnoh and Unova stone). I currently got 27 Sun stones, 38 King’s rocks, 46 Metal coats, 28 Dragon scales, 22 Up-grades, 3 Sinnoh stones and 2 Unova stones.

These tasks except the evolution ones are time consuming to complete, even the Feebas one, you either have to have a pre-walk Feebas ready to evolve or you have to walk 20km and evolve for 3 rare candies

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