Latios counters

For all of you that have completed latios, in my small group what counters should I recommend?

Depends on the moves, if he has DC use mainly TTars ans Mewtwo, if he has Psychic go Dragons for damage and TTars to survive longer, and if he has SB use only Dragonite, Rayquaza and Salamence

Use same counters as Latias but for SB use Dragon/Flying types

I do not know how small your group is but if its like mine where its only 4 of us. We just all go dragons for first 6 no matter what moveset. To get ahead of the timer.

Strong dragons and ttars. If you get desperate a you can use a strong bug type like scizor or strong ice type. I also like my psy/fairy gardevoir

It’s much easier to take down than latias, but it hits harder, so you might go through more mons

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What are your levels? Do you manage to beat DB+DC?

Jose and jake are lvl 36. Kelly is lvl 40 and am lvl 39. We managed to beat all movesets. Most in sunny or partly clody weather with 7 in windy.

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You know Jake? XD

With only 4 trainers is very impressive, especially against the stronger boss.

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We all owe it to the dratini CD. Before that none of use had any dragonites except kelly who had 1.