Landorus moves

The moves for Landorus listed in the database don’t seem to match what I’m seeing in game. Charged moves for therian landorus in game include earthquake and bulldoze. Those are not listed in the DB. Also cannot get earth power at all. What’s up?

Niantic basically did their own thing with assignment of moves from what was expected from the other game(s)
Everyone was looking forward to a new king of the Earth types but they did what they do and disappoint by not releasing it now.
No doubt there will be some special 3 hour Raid event where you can get Earth Power at some point.
They cashed in on players spending $$$ expecting Earth Power and will cash in again when they actually release it in a special day.

This is just my opinion. Let’s see if I’m right later down the track.

It’s not unusual for them to change up the moves for alternate formes. Honestly, I saw this coming since Deoxys.


Poke Genie shows Earth Power as a Legacy Move. I’m planning to test that with an Elite Charge TM after I determine which one is the best specimen I get. (So far a 98 on my main and 96 on my alt.)

Most of the Landorus I’ve caught so far have had IV in the 80s. But a lot of weather-boosted raids along the way. :muscle:

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Basically, all three of the Therian formes had their initial moves datamined months ago but Niantic decided to spice things up a little by changing them right before the release (hence the actually amazing Thundurus-T)

As for Lando, it’s still easily the best ground-type in the game @NotanotherKangaskhan, EQ and EP are not as far apart as they used to be and this wasn’t nearly enough to change Lando’s dominant spot

Guess I should put in a little more effort than the lack lustre one I am atm to get a few more.

Aw, hell; Earth Power is NOT a choice in the Elite Charge TM. So it was more than just designated a Legacy Move – it was removed from Landorus’ move pool, entirely. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Isn’t EP a 2-bar move, though? Being a 1-bar move makes EQ less desirable.

Yes, it’s still a bit worse and you might lose more energy, but it’s still the best Ground-type Pokémon in the game and as far as DPS is concerned, it’s really close to EP

I mean, Overheat is generally considered to be the best non-BB Fire-type attack, and it is a one bar move too

Yeah, but I hate fainting just as I’m in the process of delivering a charge move, because I was a punching bag for several extra seconds while waiting for the move to charge. 2 and 3 bar moves don’t get beat to the punch so easily or often. (and a high-DPS charge move that is preempted by fainting delivers zero damage)

So there are trade-offs that leave room for players to pit their own priorities against others’ priorities… one of the many ways the game fosters varied experiences and outcomes.

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Thanks so much for your insightful responses. I’ll settle for EQ for my Landorus.

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