Kyogre Discussion

What do you think of kyogre? What moveset Is the best? What are your catch rates?

I personally think kyogre is a good Pokemon. But I won’t get one from raids. There aren’t enough people. So for me the catch rate shall remain 0/0. I feel that a full water moveset would be good.

For all of you guys

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Waterfall/Hydro Pump is the best generalist/water moveset, WF/B punishes any poor unsuspecting raiders hard and maaaybeee could be used against Dragons if you dont have anything better, and WF/T is decent against birds and water types, but there are better options

Kyogre is the best full water pokemon BY FAR. Waterfall/Hydro pump all the way.

So far 1 done, 1 caught before work this morning. Not good enough and i do want 2 or 3 good ones so its gonna be a busy month.


We do him by four:

But can say twice, – first and last time;
Too aggressive :rofl:

The issue with Kyogre is hitting it, I missed 4/7 balls. Luckily I caught it on the last ball which was nice.

Yeah, the best tactic is to lock the circle at great and then wait for him to do his attck in the middle. It takes ages if you have alot of balls (unless you luck out and get it at first try) but you will get a higher catch rate.
With groudon i only went for excellent curved balls after he did his attack, 54/66 caught.
Excellent wont work for kyogre i think cause the circle is smaller.

This has been by far the hardest Raid Boss to land throws.
We did a couple yesterday in between chasing Groudons.
I reverted back to some normal throws just so I could land a few. The curve Ball is more of a challenge to get right on this one.

Up side was my Daughter and Wife came out with my regular crew so they played their own rather than me doing the work.
My daughter caught a weather boosted 2910 100% which I’ve thrown the 37 Rares gained from 9 Raids at it and burnt 5 Charge TM’s to get Hydro Pump.
It’s now her biggest Pokémon at 3492CP.
I don’t know how to get the screen shot off the Android Ph to paste pic.


On some android phones it is power and home button at the same time

Did some low level Raids today and got a few more Rares to throw at the Daughters Kyorge. Got 2 more Power Ups out of it and logged her into my iPad to get the photo.

I’d trade my 2 for her 1 any day. I’m going to have to chase these hard and join Randoms for Raids which I don’t enjoy after the massive stuff around I got 2 days last week trying to get better Groudons.


And I would trade 3/4 of all the Pokemon I own for a level 1, decent iv one lol

Anyone else, Kyogre runs away with few balls left.

Happend not only to me, but a few other players in different raids

How do you lock the circle???

Hold it until its the desired size, then let go
Its simple you know

Doesn’t seem to be working on normal Pokemon. Is it only for raids?

No, it works on every Mon
You hold the circle, release when you get the size you want, wait for an attack, and then throw it when the animation is about to stop