Kinda forgot Niantic put these up

Sponsored pokestops in a town just outside central london, just for promotional stuff

They should make some where I live…

I’d just be glad to have a pokestop in my village, despite having a church and pub there isn’t one, yet when I go to York they have them for all sorts of random stuff like Vince’s Bench in honour of a cat that used to sit on it…

I enjoy trying to find the strangest gyms and stops I can find, but that is unfortunate that the church isn’t even a stop

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Dude how do you even get by? That’s pretty good dedication man I’d have given up! Respect man

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Fortunately we go to York (historical city full of stops & gyms) every weekend to collect my stepson otherwise I probably would’ve given up tbh. I’m 15 mins drive from another city too but it’s not a fun place to walk around. I have noticed more Pokémon popping up outside my house though, idk if the more you play the more appear or if it’s a coincidence. I’ve read if you get Ingress you can apply for something through them that then ends up as a pokestop on Pokemon Go but dunno if that works in reality.

Well hopefully there’s going to be something like that for pokemon go, read about there being something found by data miners

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My favorite gym near where I work


Nothing will top this in Dublin City


That definitely wins :joy:

Solid win XD

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