Keep Catching The Same Pokémon

I usually walk around the park or estate i live on and seem to get the same pokemon again and again. How do i find new ones ? Do I need to travel to different places ? Thanks

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If you mean that certain spots keep getting occupied by the same Mon over and over again, its like a one-spawn nest
If you mean seeing mainly ground, water and grass Mons, its because of the triple-dust event that ends 30th April

They are everywhere, but currently an event is going. Rare mons from the types Water, Grass, Ground are appearing everywhere and common Pokémon and other type Pokémon are very rare atm.

It’s always good to explore other places btw.

Magikarp, poliwag,rhyhorn, diglet etc are what i mean

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They’re all boosted by this event.
Magikarp = Water
Poliwag = Water
Rhyhorn = Ground (Evolve is very useful!! I can recommend to catch a lot of Rhyhorns.)
Diglet = Ground

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Mostly Rhyhorn and Diglet are extremely rare to me.

To give you an idea what Pokémon are boosted (as I noticed):
Wailmer (Water) [Shiny]
Magikarp (Water) [Shiny]
Poliwag (Water)
Corphish (Water)
Feebas (Water)
Horsea (Water)
Remoraid (Water)
Surskit (Water) {Little bit}
Carvanha (Water)
Diglett (Ground)
Rhyhorn (Ground)
Phanphy (Ground)
Sandshrew (Ground)
Baltoy (Ground)
Larvitar (Ground)
Oddish (Grass)
Shroomish (Grass)
Seedot (Grass)
Hoppip (Grass)
Cacnea (Grass)
Roselia (Grass)


Wow that is spot on ! I’ve caught most of them in the 3 days ive been playing


Nice, wish I would see surskit, I still see a crap ton of zigzagoon on top of the corpish, oddish etc.

Really? I see NO Zigzagoon atm😅 Also NO Pidgey, NO Rattata, NO Spearow, NO Weedle (Even missed my Stamp because I can’t find Weedle😡).
Only these ones and lots of Larvitars (don’t ask me why.)

EDIT: Larvitar is boosted because it’s a Ground Type.

When you find a new pokemon its extra points right? I just caught a few with my magic egg and got like 1200XP from each new one

I’ve been catching lots of the ground Pokemon. I now have 2 level 2000+CP Rhydons. And a 2000+CP Donphan, only one I would like to catch more of but struggle to find is Larvitar.

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w00t just got a Fearow whilst in my apartment, never seen one before, took about 4 pokeballs and one razzlberry to catch.

Nice, yeah lots of zigzagoon, big Pokémon (weedle, a few caterpie, illuminse, spinrak) and then lots of generic ground, water and grass types

Just got a Krabby for the first time, high CP for me as well, about 610 !

W00t just got a mr mime.
At first it says ??cp but now I caught it it’s like 986!

someone else correct me if Im wrong, but these ??? appear when the CP is greater than anything you have up to this point
Most evident in raid battles, where the 1860-1930 and 2000+ CP Raid Bosses often appear as ???
Did you find your local FB or Discord group?

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I dont use Facebook man, happy to receive the support etc off here for now

Just got another one

Well @simmy you can get some Fighting mons now!

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