Kanto event competition

The Pokemon day cant event has started. here are some challenges who ever wins the most wins the Kanto event competition.
Most dragonite caught from raids
Most eevee with flowers caught
most pikachu with flowers caught
most shiny rattata or pidgey caught

I got 1 flower eevee

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Lol I can’t even do this event.
Most people can’t play much, I’d expect


Got 3 flower Chus and another Eevee.

I didn’t play much too

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I got only 1 pickachu and 6 eevees no shinys and i spent like 5 hrs of my day and im dissappointed in pokemon go, anyway i evolved 2 of my eevees in vaporeon and jolteon with the flower heads which i chose to be my trophies for the event. hope you all did well and these youtubers are catching back to back shinys like wth very dissappointed pokemon go

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