Kabutops: Good or Not?

Kabutops is a Rock- and Water-Type Pokemon with a max CP of 2713, with an attack stat of 220, defense at 186, stamina at 155, best moveset is Fury Cutter (Bug) and Stone Edge (Rock) and it is weak to Electric, Grass (4X), Fighting, and Ground, and resisting Fire (4X), Flying, Ice, Normal, and Poison. So is it a weaker version of Omastar, or not? It has a Higher attack stat then Omastar, but lower defense and stamina, and it lacks a full Water-Type or Rock-Type moveset, so it is a weaker version of Omastar, but can be used as a backup Rhydon or Rhyperior with Mudshot (Ground) and Ancient Power (Rock). The Reason why i chose Ancient Power is because it does more damage on paper and as a three bar move, it is like Crunch (Dark) in a way. Post your thoughts in the comments! :grinning:

  • Kabutops
  • Omastar

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Both are terrible, dont power up either of them
If you are starting out and a high-CP fossil happens to be in a team by Calcy/Genie then go on, but powering it up is a bad idea

Well, the main reason I did this is becuz I have a 100 kabutops and wanted your guys opinions on kabutops. Also good luck on cd weekend :grinning:


Good luck to you too

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Not good

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Omastar is actually good with its legacy moveset.
Kabutops sucks

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Omastar does kick butt. Kabutops? Not so much.

@Pokemon is right, Omastar is only good with its double rock legacy moveset


Kabutops has the cooler shiny evolution


I like Kabutops just because I had one in the game when I was younger and when Pokemon Stadium came out he dominated with Slash