Just a couple ideas to improve gameplay

  1. Only being able to trade a Pokémon once is harsh in my opinion. In the game you can trade it as much as you want. I understand why only once in this game however you could do something like when someone has a traded Pokémon, they need to wait 30 days or 60 days for it to be able to be traded again.

  2. When trading, you should be able to do special trades more than just once the higher your friendship level is. Example: good friends can’t do special trades, great friends 1 per day at 80k star dust each,ultra friends 2 per day at 40k star dust each,best friends 3 per day at 20k star dust each.

  3. When you level up a gym you get a special item, or Pokémon encounter, or double xp or star dust for 1 hour when the disc is spun.

  4. Add items to boost stats. Aka calcium, hp up, etc. Just to help with the appraisal.

  5. Add a raid locator to the gyms that we have badges for to let us know what level the raid is and when it starts or ends.

  6. Friend communication in the game. Be able to message them.

  7. Let gifts have a small chance of getting items like sinnoh stone, rare Pokémon encounters, more star dust than 100. I think it should be random items plus a guaranteed 1000 star dust per gift up to 20 gifts a day.

That’s all I can think of.


All of those are good ideas.

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A few problems I have:
4. Iron, Protein and HP Up dont boost Defense, Attack and Stamina IVs respectively, they boost EVs
6. Feels unnecessary, would be cool, but we have other means anyway and GO takes a lot more of various data messaging apps dont
7. As much as I would LOVE guaranteed 20k dust per day, I doubt they would do that

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The reason I say friend communication is because I have friends on go that I can’t find through the Facebook group or anything and I would like to use a lucky egg with them to get the double xp on the level up

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Then ask them what do they use to communicate with others, theres a plenty of apps

My biggest peeve with gameplay (other than needing a 3rd party app to get IV) is that the difficulty in catching a Pokemon doesn’t correspond to how good it is.

Sometimes you toss a single red ball at a Pokemon and it’s a 95+ IV… next one, you waste 8 balls and 5 berries and the IV is junk. :smiley:

I’d also like to see a candy trade option… like… being able to trade/exchange 20 Rattata candies for 1 Magikarp or something like that. A way to help people evolve Pokemon they’ll otherwise never evolve. Some of us are in small towns/villages and only see some Pokemon maybe 1-2x a year.

I do agree though about the trading limits. My one niece I see maybe once a month… be nice to be able to trade more than 1 Pokemon since I don’t see her daily.

I also think you should be able to switch teams 1x per 365 day period.


Why should IVs influence the catchrate?


What I’m saying is… makes no sense to me that a Pokemon that’s really hard to catch and ends up taking a lot of balls and berries, would end up being a weak Pokemon. And yet, you might catch one with 100IV and a high CP, with a single toss of a red ball and done.

The harder to catch the better it should be.

How can something that took no effort at all, end up being better than one that made you work for it?

A 0IV at level 35 is still miles stronger than a 100IV at level 10, thats why

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