Journal incorrect entry for pokestop/gym returns (more observation than complaint)

Just as a point of interest (as opposed to a bugfix request), since the trainer journal isn’t mission-critical: I noticed a journal entry last night for a gym spin that claimed to give 4 gifts, when I know it gave none (since I checked to make sure I already had 10 before I spun). Besides, don’t they give just one gift per-spin (at most)?

This morning I found another such glitch from a nearby pokestop, where it claims to have given me 5 gifts. I think I had room for 1, but can’t recall for sure whether I got one from the spin; but this time I got a screen shot, for whatever it’s worth:

You got the gifts, that is not the glitch.

Either you left to quick from the “stopscreen” or you had an hickup in the connection. Then it doesn’t show what you got, most of the times the stop staying blue. Looking in your journal you see what you’ve gotten from the stop.

It happens to me all the time.

I recognize what you describe, and it happens around this particular park so often it’s sometimes unplayable. When it happens, the journal shows that the spin dispensed items, when they never show. If you leave the stop up and wait, eventually the display shows [network error] or [try again later] and turns magenta, showing that the spin finished internally even if it didn’t show any items.

But that’s a totally different glitch from what I’m relating here (which is only a journal glitch, as the actual play worked correctly, as far as I can tell).

Have you EVER seen more than one gift dispensed in a single spin of a stop or gym under ANY circumstances? The journal here claims FIVE were given in one spin.

3 to 5 is normal, for me. Something, be there is rare, I get just 2. Here is an example;

And they either show all, or they don’t as discribbed in my previous message.

We’re just having a nomenclature mismatch. The game generally gives me 3 to 5 ITEMS per-spin like you. But there will never be more than one GIFT (for giving to friends) per-spin, even if you get over 20 items for a 7-day-streak spin.

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none of your stops show more than one gift received…

dang I wish I had that…

Oh damn. Mist the word GIFT…
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No. Just one. Never more.


@vorgriff3 maybe is being used as a lab rat !


My closet playing friend has seen the same thing. She didn’t get the gifts in her inventory though. It’s like the glitch is making Red balls appear as Gifts


I notice my journal entries disappear.

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