John Hanke mini-plane interview

Some more interesting news, a Level 40 player wound up sitting next to John Hanke on the plane ( and this us the information he got from Hanke:

They’re working on Gen4 and PvP
Level cap will be upped
New items coming soon
Pokestop submission is 100% happening
Go Fest 2.0 will happen somewhere
All 3rd party apps are going to be blocked

Honestly that’s great news! Pokestop submission is needed, new items are kinda liked and hopefully Go Fest 2 is in London :crossed_fingers:



Oh god not the level cap
I can already imagine needing 250 million exp total for level 50

I’m wondering when everything comes out.
I guess it’s all before 2019.

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I am all for a level cap increase to maybe 100 even :slight_smile: would give level 40s a new reason to buy lucky eggs and niantic a new reason to make a lot of money from them.

Yeah, because everybody would want to grind hunderds of milions of xp just to reach another level


That will cost more than 10 years…


Increased level cap is purely cosmetic if you still cant level up your pokemon past level 40. More of a " show off feature" then anything else.
If new items are comming i want a bigger backpack. pretty stressed for space at times now, especially when collecting great/ultra balls preparing for community days

Bag space was another item discussed & something that should be happening. Just when it will happen is the question…

blocking 3rd party apps is okay only if they give us a real IV checker and a good map to find raids (map was said in this interview they are working on).
Just give a good IV checker in game… this will fix it all. I hate searching through my last 500 caught pokemon if they are good or not, it takes forever!

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Did you know you can use IV checkers without getting banned? Just dont use sh*tty ones that interact with the game or require login

Yeah but they are still not allowed…

where did they say that?

Nowhere literally… Its a bit unclear but if they are very strict with the TOS it wouldnt be allowed. It would be ridiculous if they would ban people for it tough. With the ammount of players using it…

They ban people for using third parties that log in or take the data from the game, Calcy and Genie do neither, they cant ban anybody for that, nor can they detect them

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He said in the interview that there was no timeline for PvP and gen 4, so if that’s true probably not but hopeful he just trying to keep things quite!!!

Well I don’t think they need 7 months to make that.

I haven’t said it MUST be in 2018 btw…

Verry true but you’d think they wouldn’t have taken this long either

Do you want it twice?