January and February’s Research Breakthrough, quite the same as December’s…

It’s announced.

What do you guys think?


I’ve got plenty of all that I don’t use already.
I’m not fussed about which ones I get. The only problem is getting a good one at L15 and being faced with the added cost to Power it up.

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Great. 9 chances to get the two that I still require.

I have a bad feeling I am going to end up with even more Suicune…

Why couldn’t they have done Ho-oh and Lugia alone on separate months…

I’m really bored of the currently released six.


Hope they keep the way it is: the ones we don´t have registered will show up. Didn´t had Zapdos or Moltres, found both on the 2 first breakthrough.
The next ones were Articuno and then a Raikou.

Oh it Includes the previous ones? Pff really Niantic?
Ok then… Nothing to be excited about but sure…

Hopefully that’s the same for me, that I end of with the two I need.

So far I’ve had 3 Suicune and a Zapdos. None shiny and all I had at least four times before ( from previous breakthroughs)

More underpowered Legendaries to use during PvP.


I’ll be pretty irked if in 9 chances, I don’t land the only to I want or need.

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Yay, might get a perfect Suicune this time ._.
Hopefully at least the raids wont disappoint

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Want entei.
Maybe then I have a chance against @Thorend.

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Nah, that won’t be enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I need a lanturn? :angry:

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Unless I get a Shiny Articuno or a great Raikou, these next two months will be a dredge.

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The research breakthrough reward is just a bonus for doing is just a bonus for doing tasks daily. It’s not a game changer, it’s a perk. To get upset over it is silly, at worst it’s extra candy and a change for a shiny Pokémon.


Oh, I know; I’m not complaining, but I can certainly say that it’s not creative at best, laziness at worst.

The Whole idea of quests is bad except special research.
Because some Pokemon are so good they are giving them away for doing such easy tasks
And some rewards are so bad that they no use even trying to get them

They realized after Gen 1 that people were frustrated by not being able to catch some pokemon (for example when the game released, magikarp was a rare spawn where I live).
I’ll also disagree on the Pokémon difficulty for the task. The only meta relevant Pokémon that can be somewhat easily caught through quests is dratini and it has received a community day so its fast from uncommon now.

Rare of limited quests:

  • larvatar (3 excellent throws in a row requires great skill). Also super rare, I’ve literally since 5 since the quests became available.

  • tangela was briefly available in return for catching 3 Pokémon but as this was also out as a soloable raid so all this quest did was allow players who could not solo it to have a chance to get one.

There are also lots of people still looking for shiny legendary Pokemon and a limited number of pokemon good enough to be the 7 day reward. You should expect to see new ones added slowly so they don’t run or if content.

  • Chansey: rare quest that requires lots of walking to 5 hatch eggs. I live in a active community that is very good about reporting quests and I’ve done less than 10 of these since quests were released.

Ok, that’s fair. I guess it’s the downside of being a player since day 1 and didn’t stop for any reason, so I got everything already, minus the aforementioned ones I said I would like.

Honestly, I don’t like going the Throws in a Row quests, so I avoid them like the plague. I have far more luck hatching Larvitar. I’ve had Pokemon dodge even under the influence of Nanab Berries, so I just throw those quests in the trash.


In the quests it’s the throw, not if you catch it or not. That’s the good side, but really in the last times allways when I made an excellent throw the beast jumps out of the ball, and after (doesn’t matter if it’s a good or bad throw) the next throw get it…

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