January and February Field Research List and Rewards

No new shiny family this time?

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I like some of the rewards though. Plenty of shinies that I don’t have. :smiley:

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I can’t even do 3 great curves in a row. Been working on that for last 4 days. How am I going to do 5 in a row for Spinda?

I don’t know hat spawns are common for you, but you can do great curves on the ones with big circle, like Ponyta, Stantler, Tauros, etc

3 rare candies for 5 eggs? Seems good to me. But I don’t now if I prefer the chansey over the rare candies

5 in a row does seem excessive considering in Dec you could get them with just 1.
5 in total would be fair.

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That’s a lot of new quests. The Spinda quest annoys me, but I’ll do it once and then never do it again. XD


get the new number and trash any further quests for ones that can be completed for Dust quickly.

The new Spinda quest needs patience to complete, not to rush throws on any Pokémon encountered

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That quest will be so good!

Is it for REAL?

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According to the article it is

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