January 2020 Field Research And Research Breakthrough Guide

Looks nice. I wish Niantic kept Scyther & Sableye as Field Research Encounters, though… Also Skarmory and Gible could’ve been some nice rewards, but honestly, the list does look good.

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Wish they had kept makuhita as well, since that was the way I got most of them. But I cant complain.

I got my first hundo Alolan Vulpix already from this research, so I can’t complain at all. XD

That being said, I do like how Cubchoo is still in Field Research, and from a quest I readily do for Eevee, so this is a great bunch. Shame it may only last a month.

I like the Evolve a Pokémon to get a Cubchoo since it replaces Cubone

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