IV difference in battle

For example, if I have two 95% IV Pokemons, let’s say Machamps. Both power-up to the max, level 39,5. One has 13 attack IV, other one has 13 def IV.

How much more damage can one with better attack IV stat do?

I read about this somewhere but I don’t remember what I saw.

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Ok, so the guy in my local Valor fb group tried to figure things out and this is the summery he came up with…

It’s was about battling raid tyranitar and how much damage can Machamp do to him with counter.
So max damage Machamp can do with counter is 16. And every Machamp with attack IV 10+ does 16 damage when he is maxed out. Also, if it’s attack IV is 15 he does max damage (16) at level 36+.

Hope this helps at least somewhat to anyone. Helped me understand some things.

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