Iv changed

Hello everyone I was wandering if that happen to anyone before. I have a scyfer that was 15/12/15 I previously (last week) took a screenshot of it and now is 14/8/14

You don’t need that app anymore. Use the appraisal system in the game to precisely determine IV’s. That app you use may have adjusted its estimation of the IV’s when you appraised it with the app on

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I’ve previously check by appraising the pokemon when I caught it and it was full attack full hp

Calcy IV may vary if you use it on the screen or on appraisal screen, check that Calcy IV is updated.

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It is as I have auto update on my Google play

It thought it was level 28 most likely

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Yh but it won’t change the iv

Did anybody else notice something similar in their own storage? I mean, it’s not as if it would be unprecedented for Niantic to perform an unannounced adjustment to stuff that was already in our storage (I specifically recall two times that they did that, anyway).

Yes it will
2109 CP at level 27.5 and 2019 CP at level 28 have different IVs

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Something like that already happened twice? Can I read about it somewhere pls?

It might take me awhile to dig out old reports. But I remember the anguish around the player base at the first great stat shuffle, in which a 200CP Magikarp that I planed to evolve the next day suddenly dropped to something like 140. It was, I think, back in late 2016. Several other species were affected, with some having CP increased and others decreased. Then a couple of years later was the Great Blissey Nerf (ostensibly aimed at gaining diversity in gym defenders and making it harder to station a defender Blissey that could outlast the gym-attack timer for most attackers). Even the latter was awhile ago and might take some archive searching to find articles or reports of it.


Here’s a report for the first instance: https://www.kotaku.com.au/2016/11/pokemon-go-just-changed-your-pokemons-levels-without-telling-you/

And here’s one for the second: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/10/pokemon_gos_top_gym_defenders_have_just_been_nerfed_as_part_of_the_gen_4_update

Both of those came around October / November in association with the release of the new generation of Pokemon. Sounds kind of like the situation we’re in now, which makes me wonder if the same thing is happening now.


Is it anything I can do about it

Neither of those changed the IVs, however, they changed the stats and maybe the CP formula, but the IVs stayed the same

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No - Calcy just read it the wrong way and gave you the wrong output, use the Appraisal to find out the exact IVs


I feel like a chump for not knowing that part. The first one happened before I understood much about IV, and I paid attention mostly to CP. Then I only looked a little at the second, because my Blissey was crap already.

Thanks for the further detail.

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I previously check the appraisal an it was full attack and full hp

Are you adamant that it was the same Scyther and that the appraisal actually said 15-12-15? The ingame appraisal?

Yes has it been my buddy that whole time

Did the bars say 15-12-15?