Items that we need in the shop!

  1. Master Ball. Cost: 450 coins. Effect: The highest performance Poke Ball. Allows you to capture a wild pokemon without fail.

  2. Ultimate Raid Pass. Cost: 500 coins. Effect: Allows you to join an unlimited number of raids for 24 hours.

  3. Egg incubator (Infinite). Cost: 1000 coins. Effect: Use this to incubate your eggs. Unlimited use!* (You can only have up to 3 of these.)

  4. X Attack/Defense: Cost: 100 coins. Effect: Use these items to boost your defending pokemons’ stats for 8 hours (Or until it is knocked out of the gym)!

  5. Poke Radar. Cost: 50 coins per use. Effect: Reveals the exact locations of nearby pokemon within 300 meters!

  6. VS. Seeker. Cost: 50 coins per use. Effect: If another trainer uses this item nearby, you can initiate a battle with them! (Winner is rewarded with 500 XP and 200 stardust)

  7. Aspear Berry. Cost: 200 coins for 10. Effect: Use this berry on your buddy pokemon to reduce its walking requirement for 6 hours!


My thoughts on these items:

Master Ball - would probably only be available at an event in very limited quantities. It would just be too overpowered.

Ultimate Raid Pass - one of these will probably arrive eventually, maybe in a different form or another seven day streak reward (other than evolution items).

Egg Incubator - I doubt these will ever come, Niantic just want that little bit extra money.

X Attack/Defence - good concept, but would there be a limit on how many you could use on one pokemon? If it arrives, there would be a lot of technicalities.

Poke Radar - there will probably be an improved nearby list rolling out in the future, no real need for this to be introduced.

VS. Seeker - Why need this if PVP is coming soon? (probably soon)

Aspear Berry - This one might be introduced, but probably just drops from stops.

Unlimited Raid Pass would be great! I want that…

Infinite Egg Incubator - we’ll never see that for sale.

X Defence - it would work if that would actually help your Pokemon defend a gym… it’s just to easy no metter what…

@Elderscroller , great ideas there! I’d give you a hundred ‘likes’ if I could!

Lol, thanks Pat! Yeah, it would be great if Niantic would implement at least some of these things. These items would be hard to get with the new 50-coin limit, though…

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