Items exchange option

i have an idea, what if you could swap items you dont need to the one you want ?,also maybe swap items betwin players, so if someone let say have lot of pokeball but need revive and you need pokeball you can swap . and maybe create a swap shop interface so pepoles can do those swaps all around the globe.note for those who unaware: i expect this idea to have limitations and convert rate to any item, you wont able swap for exemple 1 potion to anything you want ,every item will have some value and convert rate, and also in outgoing global swap system players will be able to set values and exchange rate to what they want exchange their item for, with a market swap system.
who like that idea and whos not vote below

  • 1)i like the idea
  • 2)maybe
  • 3)i am against it

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That reallllllllly sucks. Then the whole game sucks.

i would appricate if atleast you can tell me why ?

Because then you can get EVERYTHING you want without doing anything. And then you can even switch all your PokéBalls into Ultra Balls and Revives into Max Revives and that made the whole game messed up. And it’s also toooooo easy then to get Evolve Items. And like this: I have 56 Potions, I’m going to switch them into Rare Candies. Then you can get everything you want. No, this is not a good idea, but I like your way about how you’re thinking🙃

you honestly belived that you can swap any item to any other item without any kind of convert rate, or trems of deal with other players . well incuase you didnt know that how most exchange work ,you cant convert for exemple 1 dollar to 50 mill euro would be insane.

You said that.

every game with market have for items value, i didnt invent the whirl if that what you try to say, nor i wont expect nintendo to do that idea without limitation, like you sayed without limitation that idea can kill the game and that oviously not the idea intention.


niantic nintendo call them how you want the game creators the one who developed pokemon go.but all that irrelevant what matter is the idea itself that what that post is about.

It’s kinda like the coin system with items.

Pay “x” amount for “x” amount

Pretty decent but doubt Niantic would do this. If anything they should add quick/charged tm in shop and rare candy and give us 100daily coins per day instead of the 50 limit.

Make rare candy maybe 250 coins

The tms 150

:wink:Gotta drop ideas you know not just hate.


I heared a rumor they were working on something similair thats already in Ingress. In that game you can just drop your stuff on the ground and anyone close by (about the same range as you need to be to spin a pokestop) can pick it up. I wouldnt oppose this, but i think the map is gonna be messy during community days haha.

Don’t like that. I throw away alot of useless items. Let alone i don’t know how ingress works.

I don’t know how Ingress works too😅

Not really the point is it??

@5GodLink you are something that defintly rare i like the way you think. you think outside box and your smart i love it.and it seems you can feel the way i feel i try to raise idea yet 99 % of time i getting hate then actully anything else and you simply by saying “gotta drop ideas you know not just hate” it almost like if your an archer you strike right into the center of target.

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i’m definitely here to please and grow. Some don’t get the picture. So ill never stop even if it’s 1 vs many.

Can’t just be hating an idea and not try and improve on it or try and stop the entire discussion.

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ye defintly i tell myself not to give up and keep trying inventing new ideas those words surely are like a candle to ward away darkness ,which i really appricate .but regreding the tm i think they need change it to selecting option menu so you wont get random,and maybe even create a exclusive tm for the coin shop with legecy and event moves.

That would be great. But seeing as niantic never listens i doubt Tms getting any easier for us.

But thats why we make these topics hoping some of our ideas are implemented.

ye when you type pokemon go forum it the first place you get link to at google so i doubt they not check sometimes the forum but they already state they gona get pokecenter with some kind of item shop.unfortunly that was long ago news.

i dropped poke centre idea since feb 25th. :man_shrugging:t5: :muscle:t5:

Good stuff.