It’s funny because it’s really sad

This is the gym 5 mins from my house, I have raided there before and yet no pass☹️


I think there is no player, who’s not accord that this “System” is the worst Niantic has put on work.

No logic, not equal, different chances, it’s only by luck?


the system is so bad I got an ex raid for the 16th but only 1 other person who did the raid got the pass its jut not fair

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Life isn’t fair. I play every day and raid often, have never gotten an ex-pass. My daughter, level 24 comes home from college (too busy to play while in school), goes to ONE raid at a sprint store, catches the Groudon, and then got the Mewtwo today at the ex-raid, from the pass she got for going to ONE raid… EVER. So it is totally random.

When the developers send out a list of guidelines that improve your chances for EX Raids, you do everything they suggest and you still miss out there is something wrong.


Agreed with what you’ve posted with a slight amendment by adding “keep” to missing out.
If someones repeatedly (regular & hardcore players) meeting the listed guidelines for improved chances and misses 3-4 rounds of hand outs v occasional/part time players that meet nothing apart from being in the right Raid then the system is drastically flawed.


Trying a new strategy: i’m Only raiding at that particular gym for a while, just in the hope that I get a pass from it

ive done alot of raids and i still dont have one and its fucked up

i have a similar story… My son had been away for the summer at boy Scout Camp - he does ONE raid at a Starbucks and got a EX pass - I got bounced out of the same raid, so no love for me… I have done dozens of raids since, both at sponsored and non sponsored gyms, and not a freaking thing…

Just done my second raid at that gym, hopefully it all goes well.