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It is enough, Stop pokemon bad pvp matchmaking algorithm

I think most of us are suffering from the bad matchmaking algorithm that pokemon go using for PVP. Months of complaints with no response from the PokemonGo team.
let us agree to stop playing Pokemon Go PVP on a specific day (initially let it be the 1st of July) to deliver a clear message to the Pokemon Go Team “either make it random, or we will stop playing.”

Mmh, maybe you could explain a little bit more what’s the problem?
I don’t play much in PvP (really only what was necessary for the level up criteria). So I can’t imagine what’s going wrong.

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I think the issue the OP is referring to, is the one where it doesn’t seem to matter what team you put in, it selects another player against you that is likely to win against you unless you outsmart them.

Ah, well, I haven’t noticed it. In any case for me it’s the worst part of all the game (this and Team Rocket)

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Unless the game has designated some players to always win and some to always lose, or all your pvp are actually pve, then doesn’t the same also apply to your opponent? (No matter what team he chooses, he won’t beat you without outsmarting you.)

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