Issues with Pokemon go league

Is anyone else having trouble with the game not letting your next Pokemon attack after a Pokemon is knocked out until you’re opponent uses a charged attack?

I have stopped playing GBL because of the endless issues with it… And I’m quite sure I’m not the only one.

So… I myself might not have had the exact issue you mentioned, but other issues (having to tap 20 times to fire off my charge attack, not doing any damage, opponent using a 3rd shield,…).
You are not alone with this.


I did stop, too, because of all the issues with it, but I had to continue because it is the only way for me to get Legendaries at the moment. But I am currently not doing many Battles as I am not interested in Landorus anymore.


Im stopping until the legendary rotates again. I was only fighting in the league to get a chance at oshiwott and got the legendary instead. With all all the issues I can’t progress until the next reset.

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Im just going to do loops between losing and falling down to 1500s to get some wins and obtain the special Pokémon, the combat is trash and so is the ranking and connection quality