Issues with GPS location accuracy

So I bough a new phone (Samsung Galaxy A5 2017) a few weeks ago. It all worked fine until the latest update. Now my Gps is acting super weird. It keeps walking 10-20 m of track.

Sometimes it glitches out and moves 300 meters away from my appartment. I have tried tweeking the location settings on my phone. But it doesnt help. I never had this issue on my old S4. Has anyone had a similar problem?

Great way to get egg hatching km if you are sitting at your desk. :slight_smile:


Haha true but I love walking so hatching eggs isnt any issue. Plus my luck isnt the best. The last two 10k eggs i hatched were a Sudowoodo and Skarmory…

This is called GPS drift. Generally it can be considered desirable because you can get spawns, stops, gyms, eggs and buddy distance. If you really want it to be accurate, and this is slightly contradictory, set your GPS to gps only. It is likely that the Wi-Fi in your building has been used elsewhere before.


Hey Buddy first you need to root your Phone after that install any custom ROM but make sure before that take backup of the phone before Root. :slight_smile:

Hii friend, here I am trying to solving your issues First you have to need to reset your phone and then you need to root your phone after that install any Rom. but make sure you should take backup of your phone before root.
Hope so you will solve your issue.
thank you.
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