Is your Pokedex near Completion?

Your dex almost done?

  • Yes i am done
  • Yes almost done(99%)
  • Yes almost done (80%)
  • Sorta (70%)
  • I caught everything available in my region
  • No i an not near completion
  • No i catch what i want
  • I dont care bout Dex.

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I did everything in my region.


Where’s? No I’m in no hurry to complete?

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I need articuno and tauros

For gen 1, I need Articuno, Kangaskhan, and Tauros.

For gen 2, I need Unown, Corsola, Heracross, legendary beasts, and Ho-oh.

For gen 3, I’m about 80% through. There’s a few I can evolve now but waiting for betting IVs.

only regionals: tauros, heracross, corsola, solrock, tropius, relicanth, illumise and torkoal

This is the whole Pokedex? All gens?

Yes entire Pokedex

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Its the “idc bout dex” option

Gen 1 mewtwo and khangskhan
Gen 2 heracross, smergle, celebi
Gen 3 Salamance, metagross, regionals except NA ones, regi trio

Still waiting for the stupid Gen 3 babies

I’m down to the Final Four on Gen 1. Mr. Mime, Kangastahn, Articuno, and Mewtwo.

all except unown, mr. mime, tropius, relicanth, lunatone and torkoal.

Only non-regional I still need is Latias!

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