Is this counted as 100%?

. I am confused.The weather boost is effecting raids ass well.I cant find a way to calculate the IV.

It’s not 100%. I know that there are people who have gotten a 2800 + CP Ho-oh from raid catches

I would say it was 87-89% IV, I Caught a 2680 one which was 80%, So it couldn’t have been much better

So all the people that caught ones prior to the CP change are screwed? I don’t quite get it, because I have one that I caught earlier with a CP of 2207 that had an IV rating of 93%, but now my IV program just craps out on it. And it still appraises as a Wonder (Mystic).

Wather boost puts them at up to level 25
And there is no cp change

I thought there was a CP change to Ho-oh somewhere in there. My IV calc totally fritzes out on Ho-oh no matter the weather.

There was, but only for few hours, its normal now

At 25 level Ho-Oh with 2778 CP has 100% IV

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Ah, thanks for the clarification.

All the cp ranges for raid bosses including weather boosted cp.