Is this cheating?

Ok I put this under gym battles because it happened while I was attacking a gym.

I legit have defeated the same pokemon 3 different t times. Like the CP shows 0 after the battle. Continue on. Defeat gym screen. Go back in to knock the remaining few and there it is. Full health. Along with a new pokemon added that wasnt there. Gym in question is yellow and there is nobody around me. I would know because this gym is situated in a traffic divide. You HAVE to be either at the opposite side of the highway waiting on a crosswalk or spoofing.

Either way it was completely infuriating. Like dont get me wrong idgaf what you do with golden razz but you shouldn’t be able to put a pokemon on a gym being attacked. It gives an error code.

I guess I answered my own question.


Yes an no it’s cheating.
Engaging any Gym for battle or placement of Pokémon without being there is the highest form of Cheating.
Let’s assume the opposing team are actually there and place Pokémon in the Gym while your trying to battle it.
That is not Cheating but can only be done if the following has happened.
If the Gym never had the full full 6 in it when you engaged it to take it down any free spots available can be added.

  1. E.g. only 2 in a Gym (4 available spots). You knock one out (5 available spots) only 4 can be filled.
  2. The other way I believe they can be still added is if your taking a long time to take the Gym down and 10-15min (appromite time) elapses from the last ones knocked out.

I’ve had #1 happen to me quite a few times.
Number #2 is very much therectical based on a few knowns when People remove 1-2 from a Gym and abondon the take down and that 10-15min has to pass by before you can claim what looks like a free spot at the time. The exact lapse in time I don’t know.


1 You must kick something out to trigger the 10min timer, he can add in after that
2 He can just live right under the gym, be in a cafe, whatever