Is there gym etiquette?

Do you respect the gyms you battle? Is there an actual Gym etiquette in game?

I personally dont fight any gym that is less than 1 Hour of defending. If the gym was just taken ill let it be.

If it is one of my more favoured gym that i go to often then gloves are off. I’ll fight the the gym ab goldeb razz till the attacker has stopped especially if it’s a Mewtwo Raid or lvl5 “new” mon.

How about you trainer. Do you attack in a certain pattern? do you have gym etiquette? Is there gym etiquette?

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I’m in a regional area and there’s 69 gyms for a ~40,000 population, some gyms are more heavily contested than others, but I usually try to make sure everyone has been in the gym for at least 12hrs unless it’s a gym that is being targeted for an ex-raid. For gyms being targeted for ex-raids, the locals try to change the gym colour roughly every 4hrs in an attempt to trigger as many raids for the day as possible abd therefore increase the chances of successfully triggering the ex-raid.


JUST now i defeated 6 yellow mons by myself i then changed my Blissy’s move i close that page and someone snuck the gym. (idk how that even happened so quickly i am suppose to have priority especially since i solo’d)

Where is the gym etiquette :weary::weary:

I personally don’t understand why people who don’t need the gym can’t just let others keep jt for a certain amount of time. YOU already know ima take it back, now he gave up. Waste of a golden razz on his part.

I do believe there is a gym etiquette, just some are really Team Rocket and want to be rude. We all can get coins this aint the slots.:love_you_gesture:t5:

Please keep the discussion of if there is gym etiquette going.


We always leave people in a gym for 8.5 hours since that is the amount of time needed to get your coins for the day. It’s the one rule our chat group has.


Thats pretty long. I would give them 4 hours and say time to keep it moving.

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Nope, i dont really take anything into account unless i am specifically asked, and even then not always.
In my experience agreements arent followed by everyone and then that leads to arguments. Better to just let it all go.
I do have certain people i dont always knock out, but thats just cause i like them.


I think I’m unusual, but I always leave lower level players in gyms to try to encourage them to keep playing. However I will almost always attack a blissey or chansey because I don’t like when people put them in gyms. The only general rule we have in our area is to not knock out pokemon between 11:00 and midnight unless the person specifically asks to be knocked out.


Dont knock out Pokémon at the end of the day
Dont knock out before 8:20
Dont try to beat a gym just before an EX Raid (pointless, Im gonna catch him anyway and they will just keep feeding)

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There is no gym etiquette in my area…which is ok. If someone knocks me out at 11:59, I take note and return the favor

Since I’m on instinct and it’s the least populated team in the area it can be difficult. If a yellow gym pops up, I’ll throw in a mon even if I’ve already hit the coin limit as a way to support the teammate getting their coins.

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The only “Etiquette” needed is not SPOOFING and taking over gyms from your COUCH. Other than that, just play the game how you want. I don’t care if someone takes me out after only 5 min. as long as they’re legitimate.


That doesnt make sense, why ignore somebody stripping you of coins like this but would mind somebody taking down the gym from his couch to get his coins?


Just to expand on what you said about agreements with some players or Teams. Outsiders can always come along and mess up these great laid plans and cause problems when someone misses out on their daily coins because they decided to only be in 1-2 Gyms which is why I don’t engage in the practice or believe in it.

If I’m going out to Battle Gyms my only consideration is if It’s not my Colour and I don’t have Gold Badge on it, I’m taking it as that’s part of the game.
It’s not my responsibility to worry about if others collect coins or not, as it’s not their responsibility if I collect either.
It’s also not my responsibility to drive further using my time & petrol driving around looking for Gyms that have been defend for a set number of hours. If some ones only been in a Gym for a few minutes that’s unfortunate for them but again not my responsibility as it’s part of the game to battle Gyms. Having said that, I do think that Gyms should be locked from being battled against for either 30min or 1hr from the time the person that took the Gym drops the first one in. That way the person that did the work gets some reward for the effort. This time should only apply for the first in and not reset for each one dropping in subsequently after.


I get mad if someone took a gym i took in less than 5 minutes. Like damn your rather serious lolol nor even 1 coin for me!

But yeah this is competition but like someone said letting lower levels at least try to stay in the gym makes them wanna play more.

When i was below lvl 30 i hardly did gyms. I wasnt in the proper form to do so. Now when i look back i regret it. Could of gotten so much coins an upgraded.

It can feel like you’re being “targeted” if you keep getting knocked out of gyms quickly, but again, part of the game :grin:
And personally, one minute, one day or 5 days, I don’t really care. I will however take a photo of trainers who have been in a particular gym for an exceptionally long period but I still might take it down.


It depends. If I see a gym with low tier Pokémon (such as Raticate, Pidgeot, Mightyena, etc), and themed gyms (Bird defender only, first evolution only (Rattata, Pidgey, Weedle etc)) I tend to keep going, unless their motivation is low and they have been defending the gym for quite some time.

Also if it is 1 (or 2-3) Pokémon on the gym and it belongs to a trainer/trainers on a low level that have recently put it’s pokémon there I also ignore it.

I can however take down gyms that have recently already been overtaken, if I recognize the player/players as avid and devoted (high level) trainers.

One way to stop me from taking down gyms no matter what is a high CP Blissey. I don’t mess with the gym defender tank.


Tank blissy be annoying when you really want the gym.

Blissey is fine as long as it doesnt recieve berries

Gotta arm da tanks

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I just battle Blisseys until they get kicked out

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Blissy gets murked by Mewtwo’s focus blast.