Is there anybody who has the same problem? (Facebook linked accounts)

This is not a login issue!

I have 2 accounts, google linked- and Facebook linked- accounts. But recently, when entrance the raid battle, I can’t hit the raid boss and also can’t move the premier ball after the raid, in facebook linked accounts. Is there anybody who has the same problem, like me? I wonder this problem just happens to me or a common problem for many people! Thank you for reading this post : )

Did this happen during the shroomish spotlight hour? There were quite a number of bugs during that hour, at least one of which had something to do with raids

Yes, this problem also happened during yesterday’s shroomish spotlight hour. But this is not only for yesterday or any spotlight hours…
Actually, this problem starts 2-3 weeks ago and occurred at every raid battle : (

Hmm. That’s odd. Try the usual; turning phone off and on, delete and reinstall Pokemon go.

I am not an expert at this.

If this doesn’t help, try contacting niantic via the in game help option