Is there a way to skip Research tasks

hi, is there a way to skip a research task if you are unable to complete it?

I ask because I am currently stuck with 'catch 3 pokemon in a row with a Nice Curveball’
and also, ‘win a 3 tier Raid’.

I’m like what? I don’t even know how to throw a curve properly let alone 3 in a row that are Nice?

it is a very cool concept having these research tasks but I think they should be a bit more fair for the average gamer. As it stands right now, i’ll have these tasks forever and will never advance. Any tips?

I appreciate your feedback

They are fire avergae gamers they are easy. You can click the bin in the top right of the screen To get rid of them

holey moley! thanks dude for the tip. I never even noticed that Bin on the screen.

many thanks.

For those unsure:

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