Is there a difference in a Pokemon's temperament based on their gender?

After another unsuccessful attempt at catching a new Vulpix, I later caught my 6th one minutes later! It was not a very easy catch either. By the way, I name all my Vulpix. I named my last five Ruby, Scarlet, Vixey, Ginger, and Penny. Upon catching my 6th Vulpix, I saw that this one was a male! I decided name my new boy-Vulpix “Tails”. I heard that male Vulpix are rare, so this was kind of special. I was wondering if it were the males that tend to be more wild and resistant to being captured.
I’m not officially assuming that, but it does make me curious because I had no trouble catching Vulpix until today. Pokemon do become a little tougher to catch further along in the game. I’m at level 10, by the way.

Not sure. Never heard of this idea; I think it doesn’t make a difference

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BUT, vulpix has a 1 male to 3 female ratio when it comes to its gender.


I haven’t heard or read anything about gender factoring into catch rate, no. It would be an interesting concept though.


I don’t believe there is a difference but it would be a great concept.


After fighting a lot of years in this society, that women and men a equal, you really think it’s a good idea to introduce differences in gender apart of colors or a longer beard or tail?

Please, Niantic, don’t do it.


I was just wondering if the difference were that males tend to be a bit more aggressive and wild. They all look exactly the same - same exact colors, same exact size. All the ones I caught in the past were females and they showed no resistance to being caught at all.

Are you talking about women or Pokémon?

I’m not assuming that all male Pokemon in general are more wild and resisting. I meant to add that if it is that way with certain Pokemon. I was wondering if it were that way with Vulpix and other fire types. I would assume that the fire types in particular would generally be more temperamental than other types.

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you gotta be kidding

Different doesn’t mean inferior, guys. In the wild, many species have differing temperaments based on sex. Pokemon can be the same. Maybe in one species, the female is the more aggressive sex … while in another it’s the male. Maybe there is no difference at all in some species.

It’s not really a big deal and not everything is a social issue. :stuck_out_tongue: