Is the Revive/Potion drought real? Is it Seasonal?

I seem to be holding steady on mine but using throw away attackers/defenders more often however my raid group is really having issues. Are they just not spinning enough stops or is this happening to others?

I have heard from others in my discord that they are having this issue. I don’t do a ton of raids, if I do 5-10 in a week thats a lot for me. I have like 100 revives/max revives combined, and around 70 potions combined. I’d rather get pokeballs anyways since I go through those like crazy.

All good here.
I delete Revives in excess of 72 a couple times a day.

Mine looks about like yours just flip flop max and regular revive numbers. It seems to be more Revives than actual potions however I am suspecting they just aren’t putting in the time being it’s winter here.

There is a drought

I’ve found it’s mostly Gyms you need to spin to get and keep the Health items topped up. Poke Stops for Balls and Gyms for Health and Berries.
I’m a big Go Plus/Gotcha user and have over 50 Gold Gyms and 50-80 Silver scattered over the areas I play in so reward items through the Go Plus/Gotcha keep the bag ticking over.
Space for Red Balls is my biggest issue carrying that many Health items.

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I am fine for them, i do maybe 2 raids a week because it really depends on if one spawns. I go round and take all the gyms in my town on occasion

Although it’s not a problem for me, I too hear a lot of people complaining about their potion/revive stash.

I think it kinda depends on what you do while playing. Raids are obviously most rewarding, eventhough Kyogre does cost a lot aswell. But if you gym a lot, but raids less you are spending more then you get back, and then stops are not giving enough items.

Personally i think revives and potions from stops are just a little tad too low, but just a little. But I raid a lot more then I gym. so several times a week i’m actually tossing revives and (super) potions away. The rest i keep and spend with keeping a minimum of 75 each for backup.
I have the same problem with golden razz’s, last weekend i trew away 50 because those 275 in my stash were getting annoying preventing me from spinning any stops all day. Even now i still get more then spend. First world problems…

Im still good on Max potions, but revives are starting to run low. Its mostly my own fault for not spinning enough gyms, or using other items like rare candys enough and having a full bag all the time.
A few more from regular stops couldnt hurt tough.

They made a definite noticable change to the drops late last year.
My thoughts on this was to make people do more Raids as that’s the best way to get revives unless your using more Pokemon in battle than the returns you get.

I’ve got the luxury where I can make observations as I’m often using the other Family members accounts when they are not.
My Level 40 account never seems to have issues with something getting low and topping it up fairly quickly.
One of the lower accounts L33 has been on a run lately of taking days to top the Revives from around the 50 mark back to my magic number I like to keep of 72. It cops a bit of punishment when doing heaps of Raids and its been using more revives than what the returns are.
My account always has the Go Plus paired to it. The other 3 are alternated on the 2 Gotchas I have. A 3rd Gotcha will be added in a few weeks so each one has it’s own. Before anyone asks, yes they all run fine sitting side by side on my wrist. The trick is remembering which one belongs to which device so I have different colored bands for each. The fun part is putting them into the charger overnight in a set order so not to mix them up with the devices. I pressed the wrong one on my wrist when pairing one night in the dark and had the Gotcha jump devices. Had to un pair both and setup all over again to get both working again.

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i too have the rare candy filling up stash problem. But this could change quickly in the next 5 hours with my 2nd mewtwo raid. Good catch = instant space in inventory due to rare candy dumping

I don’t stock pile Rare Candy at all.
I throw them at what every the current Legendary is in wait for that one or more good ones to Power Up or at a previous one I’m still Powering up.
Some would think this method is a bit wasteful but I’m very comfortable with it as that extra Bag space is so valuable for Red Balls for me.

I had a friend do this aswell. he threw 200 candys at groudon as soon as he caught his first, then had to wait for the last they untill he finally got an 100%, his first good one. Now he still has 200 candys of it. I dont wanna take that risk :wink:

You don’t notice when your chucking 3-6 at some thing at a time. I figure If I don’t get a good one early and start using the candy for Powering up then, the Candy can sit there with the Pokemon type until such time I’m ready or have time to do it due to nothing else more pressing.
The only problem with doing that is when you never get a good one like my bad run with Groudon leaving me with a best of 87% and 112 Groudon Candy. I wait in hope of a return of Groudon to get that good one. Best bit is I’ll be half way there if it happens :grinning:

Thanks for all the input! I live in a small town with 10 gyms and around 25 to 30 stops but they are clustered in 2 areas but our raiding group has some that are not able to raid as much due to lack of revives. Mine are holding steady but I am a bit more dedicated than some in our bunch.

This is the method I use also for each legendary, I don’t have the luxury of 200 each but 75 plus what I get for my catches that month are plenty for me usually.

My son is 10 and he ran out of potions last weekend doing Gym Battles. He hasn’t really learned to manage his inventory yet. I helped him out the last four days on my way back and forth to work and I’ve built his potion supply back up rather nicely.

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