Is the Go+ worth it?

Title says it all, planning to walk a lot and play a lot more after all my exams so is the Go+ built for long usages and maximising efficiency, or should i look into a Gotcha instead?

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Where to buy a Gotcha?
Btw im thinking to buy GO+

Its worth it during work days I really do not catch anything so I rely on using the plus to and from work. It catches around 30-40 from the drive to work and back. Aside from that its great for when you wanna maximize your catches on common mons.

With the GO+, you can still sortoff control what you catch, because it shows you on screen what it will catch next but it wont do so untill you press the button. The Gotcha just catches everything in sight.

So when hunting specific pokemon, like on community days or during events like we have now where you want to look for shinys, i think the GO+ is better.
When your sitting at work its ofcourse easier if you can just turn it on for an hour and let it sit on your desk without having to press a button every 3 seconds.

I myself have a GO+, and my work most of the time allows for me to be able to press it myself when i have the desk shifts. So im statisfied with it.

The Gotcha has the press to catch option also.
The Auto catch can be turned on or off. You can also turn off the catch new Pokémon if auto catch is on and you’ll have to press it if you want the Gotcha to get it or catch manually.

As I’ve said in threads before. Both the Gotcha and Go Plus are tools to supliment your play time where it’s not possible to catch by throwing balls on the screen. The are both XP and Dust Farming machines Inbetween catching manually.
They are great for topping up depleated Balls, Potions and Berries.

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It’s nice, but the catch rate is pretty bad…I’ve had a couple stretches where it only catches 3-4 out of 20 attempts. It only uses regular balls and you don’t get any throw bonuses. Also, if you catch a mon the regular way, it seems like it takes the plus a while before it starts working again.

Another thing to consider is there are a lot of shinies in the game now, so I’m almost paranoid to push the button without looking first.

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Already bought my Go+