Is remote raid still working?

After a brief break at the end of Community Day today, I came back and find that no Nearby raids are accessible to me. I have no gyms close enough for a local raid, to test whether that is also unavailable. But when I click on a gym I can see (or click on View in the Nearby raids screen), it tells me to come closer to interact with that gym. I’ve raided all these gyms recently without problem.

I updated my game in the Google Play Store, and it still does this. Is anybody else seeing this problem where they are? It worries me, because it would kill the game for me, and I would not be surprised if Niantic rolled back this quality-of-life enhancement, like all the rest…

Never mind. I rebooted the phone, and the remote thing started working again. Seems to me after the last event it refused to let me buy a remote pass until after I rebooted the phone.

Sorry to have cried wolf like that. From now on I’ll remember to update the game and reboot the phone every time the game fails. It’s just getting flakier and flakier with each passing month…

There’s no way Greedy Niantic are rolling back Remote Raiding.
I think I’d be safe to say this feature has been the greatest money earner for them since the game started.

In raid I have not noticed, but in Pokestops have changed something.
The distance for functioning and the distance for visual change are not the same. Near Pokestop change to the bigger wheel on top, but when you touch them, the game informs you to get nearer.

That’s not new. Have experienced that at random for a long time.

Can be, don’t remember when it started